Thumbelina's One Night Stand

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Thumbelina's One Night Stand
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Studio album by
Genre Pop-Noir
Label Orange, Universal
Producer Luke Doucet
Melissa McClelland chronology
Stranded in Suburbia
Thumbelina's One Night Stand
Victoria Day

Thumbelina's One Night Stand is the title of Melissa McClelland's third album. The album was released in 2006 in Canada by the Orange Record Label.


Track listing

  1. "Passenger 24"
  2. "Iroquois Street Factory"
  3. "Solitary Life"
  4. "A Price To Pay"
  5. "You Know I Love You Baby"
  6. "The Taxi Ride"
  7. "Intermission"
  8. "Go Down Matthew"
  9. "Goodbye To You"
  10. "Skyway Bridge"
  11. "Come Home, Suzie"
  12. "Dayton, Ohio 1903"
  13. "Oh, Love!"
  14. "Whisper (Jeff Trott mix)" - Bonus Track
  15. "You Know I Love You Baby (Jeff Trott mix)" - Bonus Track
  16. "Outro"

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