Thumbs (mixtape)

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Mixtape by Busdriver
Released November 19, 2015 (2015-11-19)
Genre Hip hop, alternative hip hop
Label Temporary Whatever
Producer Busdriver, Fumitake Tamura, Dakim, Kaveh Rastegar, Greyhat, Mono/Poly, Kenny Segal, Mike Parvizi, Mr. Carmack, JNTH STN, Lebeatski, Jeremiah Jae, Caural,
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Thumbs is a mixtape by American hip hop artist Busdriver. It was released digitally on Busdriver's independent label, Temporary Whatever, on November 19, 2015. [3] Guest appearances include Del the Funky Homosapien, milo and Anderson .Paak, among others. [4] The production is from a wide array of producers, such as Kaveh Rastegar, Mono/Poly and Busdriver himself. [5]

Mixtape compilation of songs recorded onto any audio format

A mixtape is a compilation of music, typically from multiple sources, record onto a medium. With origins in the 1980s, the term normally describes a homemade compilation of music onto a cassette tape, CD, or digital playlist. The songs are either ordered sequentially or made into a continuous program by beatmatching the songs and creating seamless transitions at their beginnings and endings with fades or abrupt edits. Essayist Geoffrey O'Brien described this definition of the mixtape as "perhaps the most widely practiced American art form".

Busdriver American rapper

Regan Farquhar, better known by his stage name Busdriver, is an American rapper and producer from Los Angeles, California. He has collaborated with rappers such as Myka 9, Milo, Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, 2Mex, and Radioinactive. His primary producers have been Daedelus, Boom Bip, Daddy Kev, Loden, Paris Zax, Omid, and Nobody. He has also worked with D-Styles on two albums.

Del the Funky Homosapien American rapper

Teren Delvon Jones, better known by his stage name Del the Funky Homosapien or Sir DZL, is an American rapper, producer and singer.



The album is produced by the likes of Fumitake Tamura, Dakim, Kaveh Rastegar, Greyhat, Mono/Poly, Kenny Segal, Mike Parvizi, Mr. Carmack, JNTH STN, Lebeatski, Jeremiah Jae, Caural and Busdriver himself. It also include features from Zeroh, Terra Lopez, Shannon Moore, Hemlock Ernst, milo, Anderson .Paak, Daveed Diggs, Del the Funky Homosapien, Jeremiah Jae, and Kool A.D.. [6]

Milo (musician) American rapper

Rory Ferreira, better known by his stage names Milo and scallops hotel, is an American rapper and producer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; currently based in Biddeford, Maine.

Anderson Paak American musician

Brandon Paak Anderson, better known by his stage name Anderson Paak, is an American musician and record producer from Oxnard, California. He released his debut album, O.B.E. Vol. 1 in 2012, under the pseudonym Breezy Lovejoy. He went on to release Venice in 2014, under his current moniker. Paak followed with Malibu, in 2016, which received a nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album at the Grammy Awards. Apart from his solo career, Paak is also one-half of NxWorries, alongside record producer Knxwledge. He is accompanied by the band The Free Nationals, who play a variety of instruments such as electric guitar, bass, piano, keyboards and drums and also serve as backing vocalists.

Track listing

1."Absolutions in the Hottentot Supercluster" (featuring Zeroh)
2."Black Labor (as Understood by Equiano)" (featuring Terra Lopez and Shannon Moore)Greyhat3:15
3."Hyperbolic 2" Mono/Poly 3:09
  • Kenny Segal
  • Mike Parvizi
  • Mr. Carmack
  • Busdriver
5."Ministry of the Torture Couch" (featuring Hemlock Ernst)Elos5:18
6."Worlds to Run" (featuring milo and Anderson Paak)
  • Kenny Segal
  • Mike Parvizi
  • Mr. Carmack
8."Surrounded by Millionaires" (featuring Daveed Diggs)JNTH STN2:34
9."Great Spooks of Enormous Strength"Lebeatski3:27
10."Del's Couch" (featuring Del the Funky Homosapien)Busdriver1:50
11."Shadows and Victories" (featuring Jeremiah Jae)Jeremiah Jae3:51
12."NY 03 LIVE" (featuring Caural)Caural1:15
13."Species of Property"Lebeatski3:26
14."Two Feet in the Layered Cake (Bonus Track)" (featuring Kool A.D.)Busdriver5:33
15."Answering Machinist (Bonus Track)" (featuring Jeremiah Jae)Jeremiah Jae3:48

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