Thunder Bay Soroptimist International Friendship Garden

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Soroptimist International Friendship Garden

Poland Monument TBay Sorop Gardens.JPG

The monument representing Poland
Type Public Garden
Location Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates 48°23′06″N89°15′55″W / 48.38500°N 89.26528°W / 48.38500; -89.26528
Area 6.1 hectares (15 acres)
Created 1967
Operated by Soroptimist Garden Committee

The Thunder Bay Soroptimist International Friendship Garden is a city park located in the south end of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. The park is located at the south end of Chapples Park, at the corners of Victoria Avenue and Hyde Park Avenue.

Thunder Bay City in Ontario, Canada

Thunder Bay is a city in, and the seat of, Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada. It is the most populous municipality in Northwestern Ontario with a population of 107,909 as of the Canada 2016 Census, and the second most populous in Northern Ontario after Greater Sudbury. Located on Lake Superior, the census metropolitan area of Thunder Bay has a population of 121,621, and consists of the city of Thunder Bay, the municipalities of Oliver Paipoonge and Neebing, the townships of Shuniah, Conmee, O'Connor, and Gillies, and the Fort William First Nation.

Chapples Park is located in the centre of Fort William, Ontario, which today forms the south end of Thunder Bay. It forms a key part of Thunder Bay's recreation trail system.

The Friendship Garden was organised in 1967 as a Centennial gift by the Soroptimist Club of Fort William-Port Arthur. The garden showcases unique monuments representing eighteen ethnic groups in the Thunder Bay area, laid out in a 15-acre (61,000 m2) garden featuring man made ponds, floral displays, picnic tables, benches and walking trails.

Canadian Centennial 100th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation in 1967

The Canadian Centennial was a yearlong celebration held in 1967 when Canada celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. Celebrations occurred throughout the year but culminated on Dominion Day, July 1, 1967. Coins were different from other years' issues, with animals on each — the cent, for instance, had a dove on its reverse. Communities and organizations across Canada were encouraged to engage in Centennial projects to celebrate the anniversary. The projects ranged from special one-time events to local improvement projects, such as the construction of municipal arenas and parks. The Centennial Flame was also added to Parliament Hill. Children born in 1967 were declared Centennial babies.

Fort William, Ontario former city in Ontario, Canada, amalgamated with Port Arthur to form Thunder Bay in 1970

Fort William was a city in Northern Ontario, located on the Kaministiquia River, at its entrance to Lake Superior. It amalgamated with Port Arthur and the townships of Neebing and McIntyre to form the city of Thunder Bay in January 1970. Since then it has been the largest city in Northwestern Ontario. The city's Latin motto was A posse ad esse featured on its coat of arms designed in 1900 by town officials, "On one side of the shield stands an Indian dressed in the paint and feathers of the early days; on the other side is a French voyageur; the center contains an elevator, a steamship and a locomotive, while the beaver surmounts the whole."

Port Arthur was a city in Northern Ontario, Canada, located on Lake Superior. In January 1970 it amalgamated with Fort William and the townships of Neebing and McIntyre to form the city of Thunder Bay.

Groups represented in the park

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Thunder Bay Transit

Thunder Bay Transit is the public transit operator in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. It was formed in 1970, after the amalgamation of the cities of Port Arthur and Fort William and their respective transit agencies. Thunder Bay Transit is a member of the Canadian Urban Transit Association.

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Transportation in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Transportation is essential to trade, which has always been the backbone of the economy of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, beginning with Fort Kaministiquia in 1717. When the area was first settled its many waterways were used by the voyagers and Coureur des bois to trade their goods.

Soroptimist Park is a foreshore park located in the suburb of Rowes Bay, Townsville, Australia.

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Current River, Thunder Bay, Ontario human settlement in Canada

Current River is a neighbourhood located north east of Port Arthur in the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. It is separated from the main urban area of Thunder Bay by the Current River Greenway, a large parkland along the river after which the neighbourhood was named. It is home to approximately 4,780 people and has an ageing and declining population.

Downtown Fort William, Ontario human settlement in Canada

Downtown Fort William, also known as Downtown Thunder Bay South or the South Core, is the urban core of the former city of Fort William, the southern half of Thunder Bay, Ontario. It is centred on Victoriaville Civic Centre, an indoor shopping mall and civic centre built as part of an urban renewal project in the 1980s. It is separated from the Kaministiquia River by the Canadian Pacific Railway line, and its topography is relatively flat.

Highway 17B was formerly the highway designation for six business routes of Highway 17, the main route of the Trans-Canada Highway through the Canadian province of Ontario. Each was the original route of Highway 17 through the town or city that it served, and was subsequently given the 17B designation when a newer bypass route was constructed to reduce traffic pressure on the urban street network.

Northwood is a neighbourhood in the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. It is one of Thunder Bay's seven municipal wards, represented by Shelby Ch'ng. It was developed between 1965 and 1985. It is bounded by Chapples Park to the east, Arthur Street to the south, the Thunder Bay Expressway to the west and the Harbour Expressway to the north.

Marina Park (Thunder Bay)

Marina Park is a local waterfront park and marina located on the shores of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The park is located in the city's north end near the downtown north core. Aside from pleasure craft docks and a fueling facility, the park also has walking paths and a boardwalk, playground equipment, picnic tables, a Mariner's Monument and the historic CN Rail Station.