Thurgauer Zeitung

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Thurgauer Zeitung
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Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s)FPH Freie Presse Holding AG
Founded1798;222 years ago (1798)
Language German
Headquarters Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Website Thurgauer Zeitung

Thurgauer Zeitung is a Swiss German daily newspaper published in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. It is one of the oldest newspapers still in circulation.


History and profile

Thurgauer Zeitung was established in 1798. [1] The original publisher of the paper was Thurgauer Medien AG. [2] Tamedia became the owner of the daily in October 2005. [2] [3] It was owned by the company until April 2010 when it was sold to FPH Freie Presse Holding AG, a subsidiary of NZZ-Media Group. [4] [5] Until that date the paper was published by Huber & Co. AG, a subsidiary of Tamedia. [4] [6]

Thurgauer Zeitung serves for the canton of Thurgau [4] [7] and has its headquarters in Frauenfeld. [1] The paper is part of Newsnet, a platform of daily newspapers in Switzerland. [8]

In 1997 Thurgauer Zeitung had a circulation of 31,879 copies. [9]

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