Thy Kingdom Gone

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Thy Kingdom Gone
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Studio album by
Released20 October 2008
StudioKohlekeller Studio, Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany
Genre Gothic metal
Label Ascendance Records [1]
Producer Benjamin Buss
Flowing Tears chronology
Invanity - Live in Berlin
Thy Kingdom Gone

Thy Kingdom Gone is a concept album [1] and the sixth full-length album by the German gothic metal band Flowing Tears. The cover art was made by Seth Siro Anton, who has previously worked with bands such as Moonspell, Soilwork, and Paradise Lost. [1] The song "Thy Kingdom Gone" features male vocals of Vorph from Samael.


Track listing [2]

All tracks are written by Benjamin Buss, Helen Vogt, David Vogt and Stefan Gemballa.

2."Pain Has Taken Over"5:16
3."Rain of a Thousand Years"4:29
5."Thy Kingdom Gone"4:22
6."Words Before You Leave"3:50
7."Miss Fortune"5:22
8."Colossal Shaped Despair"5:32
10."For My Enemies"3:48
11."Souls of the Neon Reign"4:12
12."The War We Left Behind"4:32
Total length:48:22


Professional ratings
Review scores
BW&BK [3] (7/10)
Lords of Metal [4] (89/100)
Metal 1 [5] (9.5/10)


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