Tian Hua

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Tian Hua
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Born (1928-12-14) 14 December 1928 (age 91)
Years active1940~present
Su Fan(m. 1949)
Awards Golden Rooster Awards Lifetime Achievement Award

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Tian Hua (born 14 December 1928) is a Chinese actress most famous for her role of Xi Er in the 1950 film The White-haired Girl.


Personal life

In 1949, Tian married Su Fan, who was one of the stage designer of PRC founding ceremony. [1] Tian is the best friend with actress Zhao Lirong. [2] In 2015, a website reported that Tian's husband and son suffered from cancer, and ran out of money for medical treatment. [3] [4]

Selected filmography

1950 The White Haired Girl
Xi Er
1958A Perfect MarriageFan Lingzhi
The Party's Daughter
Li Yumei
1962To Liberate Hainan Island
Xiao Ding
1963Duo Yin
Hu SufangNominated - Hundred Flowers Award for Best Supporting Actress
1965Secret Map
Shi Yun
1978Slave's Daughter
Zeng Weizhi
1980In and Out of Court
Shan QinNominated - Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress
1981Xu Mao and His Daughters
Yan Shaochun
2012 Full Circle
Shi Yun

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