Tiberias Marathon

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Tiberias Marathon
Dateearly January
Location Sea of Galilee, Israel
Event type Road running
Distance42.195 km
Primary sponsor Toto Winner
Course recordsMen: 2:07:30 (2012)
Flag of France.svg Patrick Tambwé
Women: 2:25:45 (2017)
Flag of Ethiopia.svg Hiwot Gebrekidan
Official site Tiberias Marathon
Participants1,670 (2020)
1,108 (2019)

The Tiberias Marathon is an annual marathon road race held along the Sea of Galilee in Israel, with a field in recent years of approximately 1,000 competitors. [1] The competition was first held in 1977, and also hosts the annual Israeli marathon national championship. It was Israel's first international marathon event. [2]


The course follows an out-and-back format around the southern tip of the sea, and was run concurrently with a 10k race along an abbreviated version of the same route. In 2010 the 10k race was moved from the afternoon to before the marathon. A 21.1 km race was added in 2018. At approximately 200 meters below sea level, this is the lowest course in the world.

In 2007, a Kenyan-born Bahraini athlete, Mushir Salem Jawher (Leonard Mucheru Maina), won the race and was briefly stripped of his Bahrani citizenship by the Bahrani governmentDemocratic Republic of the Congo| for competing in Israel. [3] In 2012 Patrick Tambwé, a former Congolese runner representing France, ran a course record of 2:07:30 hours – a time which was the fastest by a European since 2007. [4]

Past winners

Key:  Course record  Race longer than marathon distance

EditionYearMen's winnerTime (h:m:s)Women's winnerTime (h:m:s)
1st1977Flag of Germany.svg  Werner Dörrenbacher  (FRG)2:19:33Flag of Israel.svg  Zehava Shmueli  (ISR)3:02:58
2nd1978Flag of South Africa.svg  Kevin Shaw  (RSA)2:14:02Flag of South Africa.svg  Claire Taylor  (RSA)3:08:18
3rd1979Flag of Germany.svg  Werner Dörrenbacher  (FRG)2:18:31Flag of Israel.svg  Mazal Shalom  (ISR)3:16:06
4th1981 (Jan)Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  James Dingwall  (GBR)2:16:19Flag of Israel.svg  Zehava Shmueli  (ISR)2:52:45
5th1981 (Dec)Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Colin Kirkham  (GBR)2:17:11Flag of New Zealand.svg  Gillian Drake  (NZL)2:46:37
6th1982Flag of Germany.svg  Ralf Salzmann  (FRG)2:16:39Flag of the United States.svg  Sally Strauss  (USA)2:46:15
7th1983Flag of Germany.svg  Hans Pfisterer  (FRG)2:20:00Flag of France.svg  Chantal Langlacé  (FRA)2:41:58
8th1984Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Lindsay Robertson  (GBR)2:16:28Flag of Sweden.svg  Siv Larsson  (SWE)3:05:19
9th1985Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Lindsay Robertson  (GBR)2:15:39Flag of the United States.svg  Sharlet Gilbert  (USA)2:42:54
10th1986Flag of Israel.svg  Yair Karni  (ISR)2:23:12Flag of Germany.svg  Kerstin Preßler  (GER)2:36:33
11th1987Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Lindsay Robertson  (GBR)2:16:06Flag of Finland.svg  Maija Vuorinen  (FIN)2:42:15
12th1988Flag of France.svg  Patrick Joannes  (FRA)2:18:08Flag of Finland.svg  Maija Vuorinen  (FIN)2:40:01
13th1989Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Reta Negasa  (ETH)2:15:23Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Maria Starovská  (TCH)2:40:39
14th1990Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ahmed Hussein  (ETH)2:18:55Flag of Moldova.svg  Valentina Enachi  (MDA)3:00:32
1991Not held
15th1992Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Lemi Chengere  (ETH)2:17:07Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Marika Starovska  (TCH)2:34:17
16th1993Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Lemi Chengere  (ETH)2:17:30Flag of South Africa.svg  Frith van der Merwe  (RSA)2:39:11
17th1994Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ahmed Hussein  (ETH)2:14:52Flag of Israel.svg  Liora Leibowitz  (ISR)2:51:36
18th1995Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ahmed Hussein  (ETH)2:15:10Flag of Moldova.svg  Tatyana Leonova  (MDA)2:56:38
19th1996Flag of Israel.svg  Wodage Zvadya  (ISR)2:19:30Flag of Israel.svg  Nili Abramski  (ISR)2:57:19
20th1997Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Lemi Chengere  (ETH)2:16:41Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Alemitu Bekele  (ETH)2:52:48
21st1998Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Moges Taye  (ETH)2:12:51Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Abeba Tolla  (ETH)2:41:21
22nd1999Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Dube Jillo  (ETH)2:17:38Flag of Israel.svg  Orna Blau  (ISR)2:48:39
23rd2000Flag of Israel.svg  Asaf Bimro  (ISR)2:19:45Flag of Israel.svg  Nili Abramski  (ISR)2:42:06
24th2001Flag of Kenya.svg  Paul Tangus  (KEN)2:17:06Flag of Israel.svg  Nili Abramski  (ISR)2:44:57
25th2002Flag of Kenya.svg  Simon Bor  (KEN)2:16:13Flag of Israel.svg  Nili Abramski  (ISR)2:36:40
26th2003Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Moges Taye  (ETH)2:12:45Flag of Israel.svg  Esther Einer  (ISR)2:51:06
27th2004Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Habtamu Bekele  (ETH)2:15:39Flag of Israel.svg  Nili Abramski  (ISR)2:38:42
28th2005Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Habtamu Bekele  (ETH)2:18:08Flag of Israel.svg  Nili Abramski  (ISR)2:44:50
29th2006Flag of Kenya.svg  John Rotich  (KEN)2:15:43Flag of Israel.svg  Nili Abramski  (ISR)2:54:49
30th2007Flag of Bahrain.svg  Leonard Maina  (BHR)2:13:13Flag of Israel.svg  Nili Abramski  (ISR)2:39:25
31st2008Flag of Kenya.svg  Leonard Maina  (KEN)2:10:32Flag of Israel.svg  Nili Abramski  (ISR)2:39:15
32nd2009Flag of Kenya.svg  Jackson Kotut  (KEN)2:08:07Flag of Kenya.svg  Irene Kosgei  (KEN)2:39:07
33rd2010Flag of Kenya.svg  Simon Kariuki  (KEN)2:11:09.5Flag of Kenya.svg  Emily Samoei  (KEN)2:36:40.3
34th2011Flag of Kenya.svg  Stephen Chemlany  (KEN)2:10:02Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Abaynesh Sisay  (ETH)2:44:31
35th2012Flag of France.svg  Patrick Tambwé  (FRA)2:07:30Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Tinibt Gidey  (ETH)2:40:08
36th2013Flag of Kenya.svg  Dominic Ondoro  (KEN)2:08:00Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ashete Bekere  (ETH)2:40:22
37th2014Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Tariku Jufar  (ETH)2:10:32Flag of Kenya.svg  Divina Jepkosgei  (KEN)2:34:41
38th2015Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Hailu Mekonnen  (ETH)2:12:32Flag of Israel.svg  Riki Salem  (ISR)2:54:02
39th2016Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Teferi Kebede  (ETH)2:15:31Flag of Kenya.svg  Edinah Kwambai  (KEN)2:51:16
40th2017Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Habtamu Wegi  (ETH)2:16:39Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Hiwot Gebrekidan  (ETH)2:25:45
41st2018Flag of Israel.svg  Girmaw Amare  (ISR)2:15:31Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ayantu Abera  (ETH)2:40:37
42nd2019Flag of Israel.svg  Haimro Almaya  (ISR)2:15:16Flag of Israel.svg  Beatie Deutsch  (ISR)2:42:18
43rd2020Flag of Eritrea.svg  Tachlowini Gabriyesos Malka  (ERI)2:14:56Flag of Israel.svg  Beatie Deutsch  (ISR)2:32:25

Wins by country

CountryMen's raceWomen's raceTotal
Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia 16723
Flag of Israel.svg  Israel 51823
Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 8412
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Great Britain 505
Flag of Germany.svg  Germany 415
Flag of France.svg  France 213
Flag of South Africa.svg  South Africa 123
Flag of Finland.svg  Finland 022
Flag of Moldova.svg  Moldova 022
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czechoslovakia 022
Flag of the United States.svg  United States 022
Flag of Bahrain.svg  Bahrain 101
Flag of Eritrea.svg  Eritrea 101
Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand 011
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden 011

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