Ticho (album)

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Released1 October 2007
Genre Pop
Label Universal Music Group
Ewa Farna chronology
Měls mě vůbec rád
Sam na sam
Singles from Ticho
  1. "Ticho"
    Released: 25 September 2007
  2. "La La Laj"

Ticho is the second album by the pop singer Ewa Farna, released on 1 October 2007. It was very successful in the Czech Republic, gaining platinum status within two months of release, with over 25 thousand copies sold.

Ewa Farna Polish-Czech singer

Ewa Farna is a Polish-Czech pop-rock singer. She released five Polish-language and four Czech-language studio albums, and received platinum and gold certifications for them, both in Poland and the Czech Republic. Farna is the youngest commercially successful singer in the Czech Republic. She was a judge on the Czech&Slovak SuperStar in 2013, the X Factor (Poland) in 2014, and is currently a judge on Idol (Poland).

Czech Republic Republic in Central Europe

The Czech Republic, also known by its short-form name, Czechia, is a landlocked country in Central Europe bordered by Germany to the west, Austria to the south, Slovakia to the east and Poland to the northeast. The Czech Republic covers an area of 78,866 square kilometres (30,450 sq mi) with a mostly temperate continental climate and oceanic climate. It is a unitary parliamentary republic, with 10.6 million inhabitants; its capital and largest city is Prague, with 1.3 million residents. Other major cities are Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc and Pilsen. The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union (EU), NATO, the OECD, the United Nations, the OSCE, and the Council of Europe.

"Jaky to je" from the album was the theme song of the Czech soap opera Oskliva katka. Like other albums by Farna, Ticho has a Polish version called Cicho. The song "Ponorka" for example, has a Polish version called "Ogien we mnie".

The album's first single was "Ticho" which reached the top 5 on the T-Music chart. It was written by Kirsten Eg Bruun, Fabian Petersen, Mats Lundgren and Max Lachmann. The original title was "Fractions".


  1. "Ticho"
  2. "La la laj"
  3. "Z bláta do louže"
  4. "Ponorka"
  5. "Nemám na vybranou"
  6. "Tenkrát"
  7. "Přátelství"
  8. "Blíž ke hvězdám"
  9. "Náhoda"
  10. "Případ ztracenej"
  11. "Něco nám přejte"
  12. "Pošli to dál"
  13. "Směj se"

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<i>Měls mě vůbec rád</i> album by Ewa Farna

Měls mě vůbec rád is the first album by the pop singer Ewa Farna, released on 6 November 2006. It was very successful in the Czech Republic, gaining platinum status within a year of release, with over 25 thousand copies sold.

<i>Sam na sam</i> album

Sam na sam is the third album by the Czech-Polish pop singer Ewa Farna, released on 9 November 2007. It is the Polish version of her first album, Měls mě vůbec rád, and is the first full-length Polish language studio album released by Farna, as the previous two contained mostly songs in Czech.

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Fabian Petersen At the age of 14 he started the band later to be known as "splendid" with his friend and bass player Steffen Strojeck. In August 2003 They signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell and from there he knew he would make music for a living. In December 2003 A trip to Stockholm should prove that. He co-wrote the song "Fractions" for his own band at first, but it was to become the first single for Czech rep. girl Ewa Farna second album under the name Ticho and polish version Cicho. The song peaked at top 5 in the T-charts in 2007.

Jakub Molęda Polish musician

Jakub "Kuba" Molęda is a Polish singer, composer and theatre actor.

<i>Cicho</i> album by Ewa Farna

Cicho is the fourth studio album by the pop rock singer Ewa Farna, released on 9 March 2009. It is a Polish version of her album Ticho, which has originally Czech lyrics.

<i>SuperStar</i> (Czech and Slovak TV series) television series

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<i>Virtuální</i> album by Ewa Farna

Virtuální is the fifth studio album by the Polish pop rock singer Ewa Farna, released on 26 October 2009. This album has Czech lyrics, and its songs have a pop rock style with electronic mixes. One song on this album was composed by Farna, with assistance of producer Jan Steinsdörfer.

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Toxique are a Czech musical group performing electronic pop music.

Ticho may refer to: