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Tickner may refer to:

Blair Marshall Tickner is a New Zealand cricketer who plays for Central Districts. In November 2017, he took at hat-trick in the first innings for Central District's match against Wellington in the 2017–18 Plunket Shield season.

Frank Tickner British athlete

Francis (Frank) Tickner is a British cross country runner.

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<i>Journey</i> (Journey album) 1975 studio album by Journey

Journey is the self-titled debut album by the band of the same name. It was released in 1975 on Columbia Records. Unlike their later recordings, this is a jazzy progressive rock album which focuses mainly on the band's instrumental talents. It is the only album to include rhythm guitarist George Tickner among their personnel.

George Tickner American musician

George Tyndall Tickner is an American rock musician who played rhythm guitar and co-wrote songs as a founding member of Journey.

Charles Frederick Tickner is an American figure skater.

Mud March (suffragists) 1907 demonstration by suffragists in London

The United Procession of Women, or Mud March as it became known, was a peaceful demonstration in London on 9 February 1907 organised by the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (NUWSS), in which more than three thousand women marched from Hyde Park Corner to the Strand in support of women's suffrage. Women from all classes participated in what was the largest public demonstration supporting women's suffrage seen up to that date. It acquired the name "Mud March" from the day's weather, when incessant heavy rain left the marchers drenched and mud-spattered.

Royston Tickner was a British actor.

Judith Ann Tickner is an Anglo-American feminist international relations (IR) theorist. She is a distinguished scholar in residence at the School of International Services, American University, Washington DC, which she recently joined after fifteen years as a Professor of International Relations at the University of Southern California. Tickner served as president of the International Studies Association (ISA) from 2006 to 2007; whilst she was not the first female president of the ISA, she was the first feminist IR theorist to head the ISA. Her books include Gendering World Politics: Issues and Approaches in the Post-Cold War Era, Gender in International Relations: Feminist Perspectives on Achieving International Security, and Self-Reliance Versus Power Politics: American and Indian Experiences in Building Nation-States. On June 4, 1999, Tickner received an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Uppsala University, Sweden

<i>Feel the Darkness</i> album by Poison Idea

Feel the Darkness is an album released by the American hardcore punk band Poison Idea in 1990.

Conway Victor Savage was an Australian rock musician. He was a member of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, providing piano, organ and backing vocals from 1990. From 1993, Savage had a solo career and released albums, Nothing Broken (2000), Wrong Man's Hands (2004) and Rare Songs & Performances 1989–2004. He also collaborated with other artists for their albums, such as Soon Will Be Tomorrow and Quickie for Ducky.

Robert Edward Tickner is a former Australian Labor Party cabinet minister. He was Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Red Cross from February 2005 to July 2015.

Kate Amelia Reed is a British long-distance runner.

<i>In the Beginning</i> (Journey album) 1979 compilation album by Journey

In the Beginning is the first compilation album from the rock band Journey, containing songs from the group's first three albums. The songs on this album are all taken from the period where Gregg Rolie sang lead vocals, before Steve Perry joined the band as their new lead singer in 1978.

Stevie "Keys" Roseman is a keyboardist and performer born in Oakland, California. He has worked as a session and live musician since the late 1960s, most notably with the rock band Journey.

Boden's Boy is a 1923 British romance film directed by Henry Edwards and starring Edwards, Chrissie White and Francis Lister. It was based on a novel by Tom Gallon.

"To Play Some Music" is the first single released by the American rock group Journey. It originally appeared as the fourth track on the band's eponymous 1975 debut album.

T. F. Tickner

Thomas Francis Tickner (1864-1924) was a British architect.

French Adrian Tickner, is an American-Canadian actor and voice actor, known for his work in Ocean Productions.

Lisa Tickner FBA is a British art historian. She has taught at Middlesex University, Northwestern University, and the Courtauld Institute of Art. In 2008 she was elected a Fellow of the British Academy.

Womens Sunday

Women's Sunday was a suffragette march and rally held in London on 21 June 1908. Organized by Emmeline Pankhurst's Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) to persuade the Liberal government to support votes for women, it is thought to have been the largest demonstration that had been held at the time in the UK.