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Stetten is a common German place name, literally meaning places or sites, with Stätten being the proper German language word, while Städte means cities. Over 60 locations are named Stetten in Southern Germany alone, with many more ending in -stetten.

Jagst River in Germany

The Jagst is a right tributary of the Neckar in northern Baden-Württemberg. It is 190 km long. Its source is in the hills east of Ellwangen, close to the Bavarian border. It winds through the towns Ellwangen, Crailsheim, Kirchberg an der Jagst, Langenburg, Krautheim, Möckmühl and Neudenau. Near Bad Wimpfen the Jagst flows into the Neckar, a few km downstream from the mouth of the river Kocher, that flows more or less parallel to the Jagst.

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Otterbach is a municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

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