Tiffany Shepis

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Tiffany Shepis
New York City, United States
Occupation Actress
Years active1996–present
Sean Tretta
(m. 2010)

Tiffany Shepis is an American actress from New York City, who has been involved in film-making since the age of 16. She is popularly known as a "scream queen", having acted in several horror films. [1] [2]



Shepis got her start playing the part of Peter in James Gunn's first film Tromeo and Juliet . [1] Shepis continued working in the genre she loved most, horror. Making several horror films a year, Shepis quickly became a fan favorite within the horror community in films such as Scarecrow , Syfy's Abominable the Sundance horror flick The Violent Kind and cult classic Beg . Shepis most recently was part of the record breaking Sharknado 2 , the horror comedy The Night Watchmen, the anthology Tales of Halloween and also provided voice work for the Adult Swim TV show Robot Chicken .

Shepis married writer/director Sean Tretta in 2010. They have two children and currently reside in California. [1]



1996 Tromeo and Juliet Peter [3]
1998Shampoo HornsAmy [3]
1999 Terror Firmer Beautiful Headcrushing Witness
1999Chickboxin' UndergroundXerxesVideo
2000 Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters Biker Chick / Janice(2 episodes)
2000 Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV Beautiful Interpretative Dancer
2000Everything for a ReasonJoanne [4]
2002 Ted Bundy Tina Gabler [3]
2002Embrace the Darkness 3AnnaVideo
2002 Death Factory Alexa [5] Video
2002Vinyl DollsFinola [3] Video
2002 Scarecrow Judy Patterson [5] Video
2002Smoke Pot Till You Fucking DieMayaVideo
2003 Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp Angela [3] Video
2003Delta Delta Die!PatriceVideo
2003 The Ghouls Ghoul VictimVideo
2003DetourTiffany [3] Video
2004Dead ScaredMarsha
2004 The Deviants Marina
2004CorpsesRhonda Winston [4] Video
2004Devils MoonZelda [4] Video
2005The BasementStephanie "Steph"
2006 Abominable Tracy [3]
2006 Dorm of the Dead Amy [5] Video
2006 Nightmare Man Mia [5]
2006Hoodoo for VoodooAyida [4]
2006They KnowCat
2006Revenge LiveMrs. Repka
2007NymphSarah [4]
2007Pretty Cool TooTracy [5]
2007 Home Sick Candice [6] [7]
2007Blood OathJanet [4] Video
2008Chainsaw CheerleadersLucinda
2008PromiseBethany [5]
2008Rule of 3Dana [5]
2008 Dark Reel Cassie Blue [4]
2008 Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Tiffany [5] Video
2008 Bryan Loves You Cindy
2008Bonnie & Clyde vs. DraculaBonnie [4]
200812-24Kate Preston
2009Good BoyDaisy [4]
2009 Night of the Demons Diana
2009 Live Evil "Spider"
2009 Trade In Crystal
2009The Queen of ScreamsNaomi Stewart
2009Happy in the ValleyCourtney
2010 The Violent Kind Michelle [4]
2010 Do Not Disturb Ava Collins
2010 Godkiller: Walk Among Us Angelfuck (voice) [8]
2010 Cyrus Jill Danser [4]
2010The Prometheus ProjectElizabeth [5]
2011Insignificant CelluloidTiffany Shepis
2011Psycho StreetLeyla BarkerSegment: "Come on Down"
2011BegAlice Monroe [5]
2011Dirty Little TrickKelly [1]
2011Bleed 4 MeLady Black
2011Outtake ReelSarah Donovan
2011Monsterpiece Theatre Volume 1JordanSegment: "Moonlighting"
2011BlockedJulie Cruz [4]
2012 The Frankenstein Brothers Jane
2012Season of DarknessHope
2012Mountain MafiaTara
2012Dropping EvilDionysia
2013 Axeman Denise
2013Wrath of the Crows"Princess" [1]
2013MilwoodKatherine Rizzo
2013The MaladjustedFiona [5]
2013Hallows' EveSarah [5]
2013Exit to HellJenna [1]
2014Attack of the Morningside MonsterKlara Austin [5]
2014The Ark of the WitchSheri
2014The Pick-Axe Murders Part III: The Final ChapterAdrienne
2014The DanceLisa
2015Chasing YesterdayMiss Mackey [5]
2015 Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween Jamie Tremain
2015 Tales of Halloween MariaSegment: "Trick"
2015Doctor SpineDarla
2016She Wolf RisingGina Skylar [9]
2016Model HungerDebbie Lombardo [1]
2017The Night WatchmenStacy [10]
2017 The Black Room Monica [11]
2017 Victor Crowley Casey
2017ClawedDonna [5]
2017Psychotronic Fiction The MovieJennifer
2018 Ouija House Claire [5]
2018ExtremityBetty [5]
2018 Strange Nature Tina Stevens [11]
2018Killer Kate!Christine [11]
2018Texas CottonAlexa Boozer [11]
2018TarMarigold [10] Post-production
2019Intrusion: DisconnectedLaura Braden [10]
2020 Star Light Dorothy [10] Post-production
20??Don't Let Them InRaeSegment: "Campfire Tales", pre-production
20??Dawn of 5 EvilsTBAPre-production


1997 The Tromaville Cafe Bulimia / DementiaTV series
2000–2001Troma's Edge TVBulimia [3] TV series
2008The Last Doorway Show with Miss MiseryTiffany ShepisEpisode: "Fangoria LA: Part Two"
2008 James Gunn's PG Porn SallyEpisodes: "Peanus", "A Very Peanus Christmas"
2014 Sharknado 2: The Second One Chrissie [1] TV film
2016 12 Monkeys Sergeant Stavros [1] Episode: "Lullaby"
2023 Star Trek:Picard Commander OhkSeason 3 Episodes: "Disengage", "Seventeen Seconds", "No Win Scenario", "Imposters", "The Last Generation"

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