Tigerlily (Lillix album)

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Released24 August 2010 (Canada)
13 June 2011 (U.S.)
  • Futcher
  • Lillix
  • Mark Henning
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Tigerlily is the third and final album by the Canadian rock band Lillix, released in Canada on 24 August 2010. [1]


Track listing

1."Dreamland" Lacey-Lee Evin, Tasha-Ray Evin, Eric Hoodicoff3:48
2."Believer"T. Evin, L. Evin2:56
3."Nowhere to Run"T. Evin, L. Evin3:24
4."Say No More"T. Evin, E. Hoodicoff, L. Evin3:30
5."Through The Night"T. Evin, L. Evin2:58
6."Dance Alone"T. Evin, L. Evin3:21
7."7 Days"L. Evin, E. Hoodicoff, T. Evin3:24
8."Back Up Girl"T. Evin, L. Evin3:25
9."This Is Goodbye"L. Evin, T. Evin3:41


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"It's About Time" is a song by Canadian pop rock band Lillix. It was written by band members Louise Burns, Lacey-Lee Brass, and Tasha-Ray Evin along with the Matrix, who also produced the track. The song was serviced to American contemporary hit and hot adult contemporary radio stations on March 24, 2003. "It's About Time" became a moderate radio hit in the United States in mid-2003, peaking at number 33 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 in June and reaching number 32 on the Radio & Records CHR/Pop Top 50 in May. The music video features the band playing the song and having fun together.

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Jennifer "Jen" Turner is a singer/songwriter musician and producer.


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