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Tim Dahl
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Tim Dahl performing at the Moers Festival, Germany 2015
Background information
Genres Avant-garde jazz, free jazz, experimental, rock, progressive rock
Years active1997–present
LabelsLovepump United Records, Tzadik Records, UgEXPLODE Records, Innova Records, Skin Graft
Member of Child Abuse, Barrsheadahl, Pulverize the Sound, American Liberty League, Lydia Lunch Retrovirus

Tim Dahl is a professional electric and double bass player, vocalist, keyboardist and composer living in New York City. He is best known as the bass player of the noise-rock band Child Abuse [1] [2] and Lydia Lunch Retrovirus. [3] He also writes and performs for the jazz ensemble Pulverize The Sound. [4]


Dahl has toured extensively throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. He has performed with many notable musicians, composers and performers including Yusef Lateef, [5] Archie Shepp, Eugene Chadbourne, Tatsuya Yoshida, [6] Von Freeman, [7] Stanley Jordan, Mary Halvorson, [8] Malcolm Mooney, [9] Marc Ribot, Brian Chase, Hamid Drake, Elliott Sharp, Weasel Walter, Marni Nixon, Peter Evans, [10] Kevin Shea, [11] Mick Barr, [12] Lydia Lunch, Jan Terri, The Bureau of Atomic Tourism, [13] Ava Mendoza, [14] etc.

As a bass player he is notable for unique style and technical savvy. Clifford Allen of Tiny Mixtapes' wrote "Tim Dahl [...] approaches his well-worn axe with a battery of pedals and loops, combining determinate speed with murkier sonics to create a landscape not unlike a harsh, speed-freak variant on Hugh Hopper." [15]

Dahl currently lives in Brooklyn and is an active member in the music scene. He is the co-host of the Lydian Spin podcast [16] with Lydia Lunch. [17]

Selected discography

American Liberty League


Child Abuse

Lydia Lunch Retrovirus

Pulverize The Sound

Weasel Walter Large Ensemble ft. Henry Kaiser

Nandor Nevai



The Gate

Yusef Lateef


Jason Cady

Matthew Welch

Barker Trio

Andrew Barker/Paul Dunmall/Tim Dahl

The Hub [18]

The Spinning Wheels Drive Band

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Child Abuse is a noise rock trio featuring Tim Dahl, Eric Lau, and Oran Canfield (drums) based out of Brooklyn, New York. Originally formed in 2004 as a duo with keyboardist/singer Luke Calzonetti, and drummer Oran Canfield, the group expanded into a trio with the addition of bassist Tim Dahl in the summer of 2005. In 2011, Luke Calzonetti left the band and was replaced by Eric Lau on keyboards. It was during this lineup change that Dahl added vocals in addition to his role as the bassist. Child Abuse has shared bills with many bands including Suicide, Ruins, Arab on Radar, The Locust, Thee Oh Sees, AIDS Wolf, Liturgy, Rhys Chatham and many more. In 2014 Child Abuse joined the Skin Graft Records label for their third album Trouble in Paradise. This same lineup was used for their fourth and most recent album Imaginary Enemy.

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