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Tim Fargo is an American author, keynote speaker, angel investor and entrepreneur. He is the author of Alphabet Success and Claimants and Lies and Videotape - A Claim's Handler's Guide to Surveillance. Fargo is best known for co-founding insurance fraud investigative company, Omega Insurance Service in 1996, that became the second biggest insurance fraud investigative company in the United States, [1] [2] acquired by First Advantage in 2003 for $20 million. [3] [4] [5] He currently serves as the President of Hammerfest Corp and writes for The Los Angeles Times, St. Petersburg Times, Business Insurance, Claims Journal and Claims magazine [6] on the insurance sector.



Fargo earned an MBA in finance from the University of Miami School of Business. He started an event management company, Fargo Events in late 80's. [7] [8] In 1996 Fargo with his partner co-founded Omega Insurance Services company from his home. [3] The company has grown from three operation to over 300 employees within five years became the second biggest insurance fraud investigative company in the United States. [9] Omega Insurance service was listed in Inc. magazine's Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies during 2002 and 2003. In 2003, Omega insurance services was acquired by First Advantage Corporation for $20 million [3] and rebranded it to First Advantage Investigative Services, in which Fargo served as President for one year. [10] He has spoken on investigative techniques and acted as a moderator at insurance conferences in 2001. He is an adviser and investor in the insurance start-ups and early-stage companies. In 2015, Tim launched a new start up called Tweet Jukebox, a Twitter application and service designed to assist with scheduling tweets which has garnered attention from Forbes, [11] Inc [12] and Social Media Examiner. [13]


Fargo has authored two books, the first book Alphabet Success was published in 2013 distilled the lessons of his journey from bankruptcy in 1991 to the founding and growth of Omega Insurance Services. The book focus on the key aspects of his past that drove him and the business towards the goals. Fargo's second book Claimants. Lies and Videotape - A Claim's Handler's Guide to Surveillance, was focused on the proper use of examination and techniques in detecting and documenting insurance fraud.

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Thompson & Clark Investigations Ltd, known as Thompson and Clark or TCIL is a New Zealand private investigation agency founded in 2003 by principals Nicolas Guy 'Nick' Thompson and Gavin Shane Clark. The company has been involved in repeated scandals over spying on environmentalist and activist groups, often on behalf of government agencies and state-owned enterprises. In December 2018 after a scandal involving spying for government agencies the company was removed as a preferred supplier by the New Zealand Government.


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