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Tim Garland
Tim Garland at Moers Festival 2004, Germany
Background information
Born (1966-10-19) 19 October 1966 (age 56)
Ilford, Essex, England
Genres Jazz
Years active1980s–present

Tim Garland (born 19 October 1966) [1] is a British jazz saxophonist, composer, and bandleader. His compositions draw from modern jazz and classical concert music.



Garland was born in Ilford, Essex and grew up in Canterbury, Kent. He started on clarinet and piano before switching to saxophone when he was fifteen. At the Guildhall School of Music he studied jazz and classical composition. In 1988 he recorded his first album, Points on the Curve. [2]

As a bandleader, he first achieved recognition with the jazz/folk crossover group Lammas (which included Don Paterson and Christine Tobin), going on with a number of groups under his own name, the Dean Street Underground Orchestra, Storms/Nocturnes, Acoustic Triangle, and the Lighthouse Project. [3]

During the 1990s, he worked with Ronnie Scott and Ralph Towner. After releasing Enter the Fire, his second album as a leader, he became a member of the Origin band led by Chick Corea. [2] He has also belonged to bands led by Bill Bruford, [4] Allan Ganley, and John Dankworth. [2]

He has fulfilled commissions from the Royal Northern Sinfonia, [5] BBC Concert Orchestra, and Westminster Abbey Choir, as well as small and large jazz-based ensembles. In 2013, he premiered his suite Songs to the North Sky for jazz trio and orchestra, written in 2012 for the trio Lighthouse with the Royal Northern Sinfonia, performed by them and the London Sinfonia.[ citation needed ]

In 2009, Garland won a Grammy Award for his part in creating "The New Crystal Silence" which celebrated Chick Corea and Gary Burton's partnership. He orchestrated five of Corea's pieces for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.[ citation needed ]

Awards and honours

Tim Garland performing at the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, 17-04-2015 Tim Garland performing at the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, 17 - 04 - 2015 Photograph by Gary Hodge.jpg
Tim Garland performing at the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, 17-04-2015


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