Tim Hensley

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Tim Hensley
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Photo by Graham Kolbeins
BornTim Hensley
(1966-08-24) August 24, 1966 (age 55)
Bloomington, Indiana
Area(s) Cartoonist
Notable works
  • Wally Gropius (2010)
  • Sir Alfred No. 3 (2016)

Tim Hensley (born August 17, 1966, in Bloomington, Indiana) [1] is an American alternative cartoonist. Hensley's most notable works are Wally Gropius published by Fantagraphics Books [2] in 2010 and Sir Alfred No. 3 published by Pigeon Press in 2016. Hensley has been published in numerous anthologies, such as Smoke Signal, Dirty Stories, The Believer , Comic Art , Duplex Planet Illustrated , and special editions of The Comics Journal. [3]



Hensley's parents moved to Los Angeles, where Hensley still lives, at the age of three. Hensley's father, was an avid comics reader, reading Marvel, DC, Warren magazines, underground comix, and Heavy Metal Magazine . [3] In 1989 Hensley discovered alternative comics and a few years later started to focus on becoming a cartoonist.

In 1989 Hensley mailed Daniel Clowes after noticing his mailing address in the back of an old Lloyd Llewellyn issue he was reading. Hensley asked Clowes if he would be interested in doing the cover art to an album he was working on for his band, Victor Banana . [4] Clowes did the cover art and then asked Hensley if he would be interested in creating a soundtrack to one of the stories in his upcoming one-man anthology Eightball . The story was Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron . [5] The album was released in 1993.

Hensley's father, Tom Hensley, is a keyboardist and songwriter for Neil Diamond.


Left: From the cover of Tubby #5 (1953). Right: Hensley's Hitchcock. Hensley invokes the Little Lulu style associated with John Stanley and Irving Tripp. Sir Alfred No 3 - Tubby vs Hitch.jpg
Left: From the cover of Tubby #5 (1953). Right: Hensley’s Hitchcock. Hensley invokes the Little Lulu style associated with John Stanley and Irving Tripp.
Hensley modeled the cover for Sir Alfred No. 3 on a cover by DC Comics The Adventures of Bob Hope #6 (1950). Covers for Bob Hope and Sir Alfred No 3.jpg
Hensley modeled the cover for Sir Alfred No. 3 on a cover by DC Comics The Adventures of Bob Hope #6 (1950).

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