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Tim Knoll's "poleswing" trick

Tim Knoll is a freestyle BMX rider who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. [1] Known for his unique style that combines flatland and street tricks with acrobatic maneuvers, Knoll uses different aspects of the urban environment as apparatuses to perform his tricks. [2] [3] He gained international recognition from a few online videos that have each amassed millions of views. [4] After his Original Bike Tricks video went viral, several of his video clips have been featured on television shows throughout the world, most notably The Tonight Show . [5] He performed on Star King (SBS) and set a Guinness World Record on Guinness China Night (CCTV-1). [6] [7] Knoll has been featured in online video ads for Ford, Genesis, Red Bull, GoPro, Contiki Tours, as well as a mobile-only campaign for Doritos Jacked 3D. [5] [8] [9] [10] An article on Red Bull's website describes him as one of the most creative riders in the world. [11] He gave a TEDx Talk about using creativity to gain notoriety. [5]

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Mat Hoffman American BMX rider (born 1972)

Mat Hoffman is an American BMX rider who is considered one of the best vert ramp riders in the history of the sport. He is nicknamed "The Condor" and runs the BMX Freestyle brand Hoffman BMX Bikes based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was contracted to ride for Haro Bikes.

Dave Mirra American BMX rider

David Michael Mirra was an American BMX rider who also competed in rallycross racing. He set the record for most medals in BMX Freestyle at the X Games, and earned at least one BMX medal at the event in all but one year from the competition's inception in 1995 until 2009. He had also competed for several years with the Subaru Rally Team USA as a rallycross driver. Mirra rode for and was fully sponsored by Haro Bikes from the mid-1990s until starting his own bike company. He was a member of the team which won the 2014 Race Across America four-person male category. Mirra died by suicide on February 4, 2016. He was inducted into the BMX Hall of Fame on June 11, 2016.

Bob Haro is an American former professional freestyle BMX rider turned artist and business executive. He is the founder of Haro Bikes and was one of the most important early innovators of BMX freestyle.

Freestyle BMX Cycle sport

Freestyle BMX is bicycle motocross stunt riding on BMX bikes. It is an extreme sport descended from BMX racing that consists of five disciplines: street, park, vert, trails, and flatland. In June 2017, the International Olympic Committee announced that freestyle park was to be added as an Olympic event to the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Flatland BMX

Flatland is a freestyle BMX riding style performed on smooth flat surfaces that do not include any ramps, jumps, or grindrails. It is sometimes described as a form of artistic cycling with a blend of breakdancing.

<i>Mat Hoffmans Pro BMX 2</i> 2002 video game

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 is a BMX video game endorsed by Mat Hoffman and published by Activision under the Activision O2 label. The game, which serves as a sequel to Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX, was released on August 13, 2002 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. A Game Boy Advance port was developed by HotGen and released the same day as the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions. A GameCube port was developed by Gratuitous Games and was released on October 8, 2002.

<i>Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2</i> 2001 video game

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 is a sports video game developed by Z-Axis and Full Fat and published by Acclaim Entertainment under their Acclaim Max Sports label. It was released for the PlayStation 2 in August 2001, and in the following months it was ported to the GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and Xbox video game systems. Both the GameCube and Xbox ports featured two extra levels that were not present in the PS2 version.

Kevin Jones is a freestyle BMX rider. Raised in York, Pennsylvania, at age 11 he started riding BMX and began BMX racing in 1982. Though successful, he abruptly quit, as he enjoyed dirt jumping more than racing.

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Freestyle motocross is a variation on the sport of motocross in which motorcycle riders attempt to impress judges with jumps and stunts.

<i>Mat Hoffmans Pro BMX</i> 2001 video game

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX is a BMX video game endorsed by Mat Hoffman and published by Activision under the Activision O2 brand, it is similar to the Tony Hawk's series and competed directly with Acclaim Entertainment's Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX. Despite a planned release in fall of 2000, the game was released in May 2001 for the PlayStation and Game Boy Color. Ports were made for the Dreamcast, Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Advance.

The American Freestyle Association (AFA) was the first governing body for BMX freestyle in the 1980s. It was founded by Bob Morales in 1981. The first contest was held at Lakewood, Ca in 1981. Pioneer Riders in 1981 were Eddie Fiola, William Crazy Lacy Furmage, Fred Becker, Tony Ray Davis and Richard Bailey - The AFA started out as the Amateur Skate Park Association promoting events at skateboard parks and gained early notoriety with a series call the "King of the Skateparks" series. BMX Action magazine covered these events helping to bring attention to this new sport. During that time BMX Freestyle consisted of Vert competition and the Flatland Division. The AFA was so popular that virtually every state throughout the country held local events.

BMX bike off-road sport bicycle

A BMX bike is an off-road sport bicycle used for racing and stunt riding. BMX means bicyclemotocross.

Eddie Fiola

Edward Lynn "Eddie" Fiola is an American former professional freestyle BMX rider, and a film stuntman.

Andreu Lacondeguy Spanish cyclist

Andreu Lacondeguy is a Freeride Mountain biker and Freestyle motocross athlete from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, born 12 January 1989. He is a 2013 Munich X-Games bronze medalist in the Mountain Bike Slopestyle event and a Red Bull Rampage Winner in 2014.

Martti Kuoppa is a Flatland BMX rider from Finland. He is widely recognized as one of the most skilled and most original riders in the history of the sport. He has invented and innovated many tricks on his quest for originality. He dominated the major contest scene between 2000 and 2002 as the winner of the BMX - flatland event at X Games VIII and has competed in and won a number of contests all over the world, such as the BMX Worlds in Germany in 2002. He has produced video parts and a solo DVD entitled Moments(Diversion TV). He was plagued by injury around 2005 due to practice of flatland. He has shared many online edits that show his continuing quest and hunger for originality. One project, Ground Tactics, provides a forum and contest for flatland riders around the world. At the heart of Ground Tactics is "hardcore flatland skills" and the promotion of originality and creativity. In 2012 Kuoppa announced his retirement from flatland riding to concentrate on other aspects of his life.

Michael Chacon

Michael Chacon is a professional fixed-gear bicycle rider. He is ranked among the top fixed freestyle riders in the world. Chacon started riding fixed gear bikes in his hometown of Culver City, CA in 2009. Before turning professional, Chacon picked up a local following performing freestyle tricks along the boardwalk of Venice Beach, CA. Since his pro debut in February 2010, he has won and placed in fixed gear competitions across the globe.

R. L. Osborn

Robert Lewis Osborn is a BMX rider. His father Bob Osborn started BMX Action magazine. He, along with Mike Buff and Bob Haro are considered the forefathers of BMX freestyle, a style of BMX bike riding that involves flatland and ramp tricks.

Kevin Robinson nicknamed K-Rob was a professional freestyle BMX rider. Widely recognized as one of the best riders of all time, Robinson was integral in creating Megaramp disciplines for BMX. Aside from this, Robinson was most notable for two stunts in his career: He was the first to successfully land a Double Flair in competition at the 2006 X Games and, in 2016, set the Guinness World record for the highest air on a BMX in his home town of East Providence, Rhode Island. Robinson was a longtime sponsor of Hoffman Bikes, Red Bull, and Target. Robinson died of a stroke, ten days shy of his 46th birthday, on December 9, 2017.

Terry Adams is a professional flatland BMX bicyclist from Hammond, Louisiana.


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