Tim Prentice (sculptor)

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Tim Prentice
Education Yale School of Architecture
Known for Sculpture
Movement Kinetic art
Awards2014 Governor's Arts Award, Connecticut, 2009 Transfield Kinetic Artist Prize, Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney, Australia

Tim Prentice is a kinetic sculptor. He received a master's degree in architecture from the Yale School of Architecture in 1960 and founded the award-winning company of Prentice & Chan in 1965. He resides in Cornwall, Connecticut. [1]


Ten years after forming Prentice & Chan, he established his studio in Cornwall to design and fabricate kinetic sculpture. His corporate clients include American Express, Bank of America, Citigroup, Mobil, AT&T and Hewlett-Packard. In the last few years, he has completed installations in Japan, Korea, Northern Ireland, and Australia. The lobby of Eleven Times Square features one of his kinetic mobile installations. [2] One of his notable works include "Flashdance", at the Jacksonville International Airport, containing suspended kinetic elements that move in response to air currents generated by a moving escalator. [3]

His work grows out of the tradition of Alexander Calder and George Rickey, but in a recent review the critic Grace Glueck stated that his work's 'gently assertive character is very much his own.' His works are on display at the Maxwell Davidson Gallery in New York City.


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