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Tim Walker
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Education Exeter College of Art and Design
Years active1994 - Present
Notable workWonderful Things exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Harry Styles' Fine Line album photoshoot

Timothy Walker HonFRPS (born 1970) is a British fashion photographer who regularly works for Vogue , W and Love magazines. [1] [2] He is based in London. [3]


Life and career

Walker was born in England in 1970. [4] His interest in photography began at the Condé Nast library in London where he worked on the Cecil Beaton archive for a year before college. [4] After obtaining an HBC in Photography at Exeter College of Art and Design, Walker was awarded a third prize as The Independent Young Photographer Of The Year. [5]

Upon leaving college in 1994, Walker worked as a freelance photographic assistant in London before moving to New York City as a full-time assistant to Richard Avedon. [4] When he returned to England, he initially concentrated on portrait and documentary work for British newspapers. [5] At the age of 25 he shot his first fashion story for Vogue, and has photographed for the British, Italian, and American editions. [4] He has also shot notable covers for W Magazine, i-D, Vanity Fair, Another Man , and Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. [3] [6]

In 2019, Tim Walker shot the album artwork for Harry Styles' second album, Fine Line. [7]



Walker's book, The Garden of Earthly Delights, was inspired by the Hieronymous Bosch painting of the same name. The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch High Resolution.jpg
Walker's book, The Garden of Earthly Delights, was inspired by the Hieronymous Bosch painting of the same name.


Short films directed by Walker

Music videos co-directed by Walker



Walker's photography is held in the archives of the following collections:

Other work can be located in two permanent collection galleries, featuring two of his films -

The Steadfast Tin Soldier • The Modern Media Gallery, Room 99

The Rebel Belle • Theatre & Performance, Room 104

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