Tim Yatras

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Tim Yatras
Also known asSorrow, Germ
Born (1984-07-05) July 5, 1984 (age 38)
Origin Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia
Genres Rock, pop, electronic, black metal
Instrument(s)Drums, keyboard, guitar, vocals
Years active2002present
Member ofAustere, Germ
Formerly of Lord, Dungeon, Nazxul

Tim Yatras is an Australian musician, composer and producer, best known as one half of black metal duo Austere, and the creator of the black metal/rock/trance act Germ.



Yatras was a member of Lord, and prior to that was also a part of Dungeon from February 2005 until their breakup, and appears on the 2006 release, The Final Chapter , performing drums and backing vocals, and co-writing most of the tracks. He is also a session musician on the studio-based Newcastle band Ilium's albums, Vespertilion, and Ageless Decay. He toured as a member of Nazxul in 2004, and later performed Drums and Keyboards on the band's album, Iconoclast, in 2008. Tim also featured in a string of bands including Battalion, with whom he recorded the CD Into Harm's Way. Yatras also performed drums and backing vocals on Simon Polhill's debut EP, Serial.

Yatras played drums and keyboards and sang backing vocals on the Lord albums Ascendence and Set in Stone and receives a writing credit for every song except the intros, and is credited with the lyrics to the track "Same Old Lines". After completing work on the Set in Stone album, Yatras left Lord following a national tour in June, 2009. [1]

Along with childhood friend Desolate of the doom metal act Funeral Mourning, Yatras was one half of the black metal band Austere, performing vocals, drums, keyboards and some guitars. Since the dissolution of Austere, Tim played drums, sang all of the vocals, and also structured and arranged much of the music on the Woods of Desolation album Torn Beyond Reason, as well as being a member of the rock band Grey Waters (which disestablished in February 2012). He also worked composing songs for several J-pop and K-pop labels and producers.

Currently, Yatras is recording and producing bands, composing music for others, and working in audio engineering and post production.

Yatras had a guest vocal spot on the album No Morrow Shall Dawn by the black metal project Thy Light. The album was released July 20, 2013. [2]

On the Blackened Angel collaboration Chronicles of Damnation, Yatras played drums. [3]


As his composing influences, Yatras lists Yoshiki Hayashi, Noel Gallagher, Gorecki, Jean Michel Jarre, Tetsuya Komuro, Klaus Schulze among others.








Simon Polhill

Woods of Desolation

Grey Waters


Blackened Angel




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