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Genre Science fiction
VenueHoliday Inn Select
Location(s) Atlanta, Georgia
CountryUnited States
Organized byStargate Atlanta
Atlanta Gallifreyans
Website http://www.timegatecon.org

TimeGate is an Atlanta-based science fiction convention dedicated to Doctor Who and Stargate fandom, though general SF/F interests are also represented.



TimeGate began life as a one-day mini-con held March 26, 2005 at a local Elks Lodge. The Lodge had already been rented for another event, which fell through. Since the deposit on the Lodge was non-refundable, the presidents of Atlanta Gallifreyans and Stargate Atlanta made the decision to plan an alternate event, one dedicated to Stargate and Doctor Who. Even with only two weeks to plan and promote the new event, 80 people attended.

That year, two additional TimeGates were held, in July and in November. Each time, a slight change to the formula was tried, while the basic 'ingredients' remained unchanged.

2006 saw only one TimeGate, but it drew record attendance and was the first to feature professional guests. The following year TimeGate V was the first to feature guests directly related to the two focus shows: Louis Robinson, a singer-songwriter who had been a film editor on Doctor Who in the 1970s, and Keith Adams, who designs special effects shots for the current Stargate shows.

With attendance having grown to the point where the original venue became too small, TimeGate has scheduled a move to a hotel location and a transition to a full-fledged full-weekend convention in 2008. The 2008 convention featured John Levene and Tony Amendola and other notable guests including Louis Robinson[ citation needed ] and Dr. Kevin Grazier. [1]

In 2009, TimeGate reached out to fans again inviting Mary Tamm (Romana of Doctor Who) and Brad Greenquist as Guests of Honour and expanding programming to three portals, or tracks. The Gallifrey (Doctor Who Universe), the Abydos (the Stargate Universe), and the Otherworlds portal which focused on other genres such as Star Trek, Star Wars and science. Attendance in 2009 reached a new high with over 400 people attending.

In 2010, TimeGate expanded the function space and their programming, adding in a fourth track for Main programming, and new space for gaming and the video room. Also, the cabaret, started in 2008, brought in the most money ever for Atlanta Habitat for Humanity.

Past conventions

Upcoming conventions

TimeGate's next convention will be held on May 27–29, 2016. Announced guests include: Paul McGann, Terry Molloy, Nicholas Briggs, and Jason Haigh-Ellery (Executive Producer, Big Finish Productions). [5]

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