Time Again (Claire Voyant album)

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Time Again: A Collection of Remixes
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Remix album by
Released2000, 2001
Genre Trip hop, downtempo, electropop, futurepop, trance, drum and bass
Label Accession Records, Metropolis Records
Claire Voyant chronology
Time and the Maiden
Time Again: A Collection of Remixes
Love Is Blind
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Time Again is a collection of remixes of songs by Claire Voyant. It contains 12 remixes of 9 songs from their previous album, Time and the Maiden. The only album track not included in the new collection is Elysium, replaced by the non-album song, Serenade, which appeared on a now out-of-print compilation CD released in 1998 by Patrick Ogle's [2] Precipice Records. [3]

The album was originally released on April 28, 2000 on the German label, Accession Records. [4] It was then picked up by American label, Metropolis Records, and re-released in January 2001. [5]

The "LSD Mix" of "Bittersweet," though credited to Love Spirals Downwards, was technically created by Lovespirals [6] in the band's early formative stage.

StarVox Magazine listed Time Again in their Top 10 Staff Favorites of 2001, in a "tie" with Lovespirals' Ecstatic EP:

As synthpop's rise led inexorably to its decline, some Gothic-Industrial artists have started looking toward other avenues of inspiration. On these releases, Lovespirals and Claire Voyant provide tasty illbient and triphop-influenced grooves and give us a harbinger of Goth's Next Big Thing. [7]

The "Trancelite Mix" of Iolite appears on the soundtrack to the 2001 film Gypsy 83 .

Track listing

  1. "Iolite" (Trancelite Mix by Francis A. Preve) – 5:54
  2. "Eventide" (Riptide Mix by Front 242) – 4:35
  3. "Majesty" (Mix by VNV Nation) – 5:45
  4. "Mercy" (Mix by cut.rate.box) – 6:05
  5. "Majesty" (Premonition Mix by Assemblage 23) – 6:48
  6. "Love the Giver" (Mix by Eskil Simonsson of Covenant) – 5:27
  7. "Iolite" (Mix by Octaine) – 3:50
  8. "Time and the Maiden" (Mix by Luxt) – 4:52
  9. "Blinking Tears" (Mix by Haujobb) – 4:59
  10. "Bittersweet" (LSD Mix by Love Spirals Downwards) – 5:00
  11. "Everafter" (Singing in the Rain mix by J. Stephen Foster) – 3:35
  12. "Majesty" (Mix by Beborn Beton) – 5:35
  13. "Serenade" (Mix by Trance to the Sun) – 4:41

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