Time Capsule (Fingathing album)

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Time Capsule
Fingathing TimeCapsule albumcover.jpg
Compilation album by
Released19 September 2005
Genre Rap, British rap [1]
Label Grand Central
Fingathing chronology
And The Big Red Nebula Band
Time Capsule

Time Capsule, subtitled The First Five Years of Fingathing, is a compilation of Fingathing's first three albums. It was released by Grand Central Records in September 2005. The American edition of the album And the Big Red Nebula Band also has a bonus album called Time Capsule but only has five tracks.

Track listing

  1. "Head to Head" – 4:10
  2. "Wasting Time" – 5:54
  3. "Drunken Master" – 4:19
  4. "Slippin'" (featuring Veba) – 5:18
  5. "Music to Watch Aliens By" – 2:50
  6. "Ffathead" – 3:20
  7. "Big Monsters Crush Cities" – 6:00
  8. "Superhero Music" – 5:52
  9. "Synergy" – 5:32
  10. "Slop" – 3:51
  11. "Don't Turn Around" – 5:53
  12. "You Fly Me" – 3:11
  13. "Walk in Space" – 5:02

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<i>Stereo Worxxx</i> 2012 studio album by Capsule

Stereo Worxxx is the thirteenth studio album by electronica band Capsule. It was released on March 7, 2012, by Yamaha. Produced, composed and written by Capsule member Yasutaka Nakata, Stereo Worxxx was the duo's last album with their label Yamaha until transferring with Warner Music Japan and Nakata's own label, Unborde. Musically, Stereo Worxxx focuses on electronic dance music and house music with Capsule member Toshiko Koshijima singing on all tracks apart from "Motor Force".


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