Time Honoured Ghosts

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Time Honoured Ghosts
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Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 1975
RecordedMay – July 1975
Studio His Masters Wheels (San Francisco)
Genre Progressive rock, Soft rock
Label Polydor
Producer Elliot Mazer
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Everyone Is Everybody Else
Time Honoured Ghosts
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Time Honoured Ghosts is the sixth studio album released by the English rock group, Barclay James Harvest in October 1975. The title was suggested by the wife of Harvey Lisberg, the band's manager at the time, though it is believed that she was quoting from another unknown source. It was recorded between May and July 1975 at the "His Masters Wheels" studio in San Francisco. It was produced by Elliot Mazer and released in October on the Polydor Records label.


Track listing

Side one
1."In My Life" John Lees 4:39
2."Sweet Jesus" Les Holroyd 3:30
3."Titles"Traditional, arranged by John Lees3:49
5."Beyond the Grave" Woolly Wolstenholme 4:08
Side two
1."Song for You"Holroyd5:20
2."Hymn for the Children"Lees3:39
4."One Night"Lees5:21
Bonus track on the 2003 remastered CD
9."Child Of The Universe" (1975 remake for planned U.S. single)Lees2:49

In 2021, the album was again remastered with a DVD which had a 5.1 surround sound version of the original tapes of this album. Also included on the DVD are promotional films for "Jonathan", "Titles", "Moongirl", "One Night", and "Beyond The Grave". [2] The song "Jonathan" is inspired by Richard Bach's 1972 novel, Jonathan Livingston Seagull . [3]


Barclay James Harvest

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