Time Is Not Our Fried

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Time Is Not Our Fried
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Compilation album by
ReleasedSeptember 12, 2009 (2009-09-12)
Recorded1992 (1992) – 1994 (1994)
Genre Experimental rock, lo-fi
Label Digitalis
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Bugskull & The Big White Cloud
Time Is Not Our Fried

Time Is Not Our Fried is a compilation album by Bugskull, released on November 17, 2009 by Digitalis Recordings. It is a two CD set collecting remixed and remastered material from early bugskull cassettes, vinyl and compilation releases. [1]


Track listing

All tracks are written by Sean Byrne.

Disc one
No.TitleFrom album (date)Length
1."I've Got the Dope"Subversives = Musgrove Complex CS (1992)5:19
2."Death Comes Closer for Us All"Subversives = Musgrove Complex CS (1992)11:49
3."Chains"Subversives = Musgrove Complex CS (1992)6:47
4."Dope Smoking Son"Gargamelodies CS (1992)6:34
5."Lewis"Gargamelodies CS (1992)2:32
6."Fences"Gargamelodies CS (1992)7:02
7."Space Shuttle"Gargamelodies CS (1992)3:56
8."Muerange"Magic Tremelo CS (1993)9:32
9."Stand on Your Head" 3:07
10."Not the Fall"Gargamelodies CS (1992)6:24
11."Its Gonna Be Pretty Angular"Cantankerous Jack Lord Feeder Operation compilation (1993)2:47
Disc two
No.TitleFrom album (date)Length
1."My Dream Is of Destruction"Magic Tremelo CS (1993)9:40
2."All Members Please Rise"What I Had In Mind 7" (1993)6:29
3."Disclaimer"Gargamelodies CS (1992)7:52
4."Stiff as a Board"Fences 7" (1992)7:21
5."Mandroid"I Present This compilation (1994)1:18
6."False Alarm"Bügsküll EP (1993)6:11
7."Next Wave"Bügsküll EP (1993)6:03
8."Sunny Day Song"Bügsküll EP (1993)11:16
9."The Bloat"Bügsküll/Sone 7" (1994)2:11
10."Exit"Bügsküll/Sone 7" (1994)5:51
11."Pure Love"Bügsküll/Quasi 7" (1994)5:22

Release history

United States2009Eldest Son CD

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