Tina Bay

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Tina Bay
CountryFlag of Norway.svg  Norway
Born (1973-05-30) May 30, 1973 (age 49)
Odda, Norway
Ski clubIL Korlevoll-Odda
World Cup career
Seasons10 – (19952004)
Team wins1
Indiv. podiums0
Team podiums3
Indiv. starts71
Team starts15
Overall titles0 – (26th in 1999)
Discipline titles0

Tina Bay (born 30 May 1973) is a Norwegian cross-country skier, born in Odda. She represented the club Korlevoll IL. She competed in 10 km and in pursuit at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. [1]


Cross-country skiing results

All results are sourced from the International Ski Federation (FIS). [2]

Olympic Games

 Year  Age  10 km  15 km  Pursuit  30 km  Sprint  4 × 5 km 
2002 28 25 26

World Championships

 Year  Age  5 km  10 km  15 km  Pursuit  30 km  Sprint  4 × 5 km 
1999 252212
2001 271122CNX [a]
a. 1 Cancelled due to extremely cold weather.

World Cup

Season standings

 Season  Age 
OverallDistanceLong DistanceMiddle DistanceSprint
1995 21NC
1996 2249
1997 23NCNC
1998 24423546
1999 25262834
2000 2633NC3027
2001 275470
2002 282725
2003 295056
2004 30NCNCNC

Team podiums

  • 1 victory
  • 3 podiums
1  1999–00  19 December 1999 Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg Davos, Switzerland4 × 5 km Relay CWorld Cup3rd Roaldseth / Sorkmo / Schei
2  2000–01  9 December 2000 Flag of Italy.svg Santa Caterina, Italy4 × 3 km Relay C/FWorld Cup2nd Skari / Nilsen / Pedersen
3 2001–02 16 December 2001 Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg Davos, Switzerland4 × 5 km Relay C/FWorld Cup1st Skari / Pedersen / Skofterud

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