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Tinaga Island
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View from Tinaga beach at sunset
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Tinaga Island
Location within Camarines Norte
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Tinaga Island
Tinaga Island (Luzon)
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Tinaga Island
Tinaga Island (Philippines)
Coordinates 14°28′8″N122°55′50″E / 14.46889°N 122.93056°E / 14.46889; 122.93056 Coordinates: 14°28′8″N122°55′50″E / 14.46889°N 122.93056°E / 14.46889; 122.93056
Archipelago Calaguas Group of Islands
Adjacent bodies of water Philippine Sea
Region Bicol Region
Province Camarines Norte
Municipality Vinzons

Tinaga is an island located in the municipality of Vinzons, Camarines Norte in the Philippines. It is one of the two major islands in the Calaguas Group of Islands, about eight kilometers long. Tinaga island is famous for its long white sand beach called Mahabang Buhangin, which literally means "long beach". [1] The beach is becoming popular among backpackers and campers from Manila and elsewhere. Tinaga Island was voted by one of the world's leading accounting firms, PWC, as #1 in their top ten up and coming tourist destinations in their Philippines gems report. Tinaga Island Resorts Inc. recently launched the first ever security token (STO) offering of prime beach front land on Mahabang Buhangin (Long beach).


Beaches of Tinaga Island


The island is accessible only by outrigger boat from Daet, Vinzons or Paracale. The island is less developed in terms of road infrastructure, so walking is common among local people. A wharf is located at the center in the village of Mangcawayan.

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Calaguas, also known as Calaguas Islands, is a group of islands located in the Philippine province of Camarines Norte. It includes the major islands of Tinaga Island and Guintinua Island, the minor Maculabo Island, as well as several other minor. The group of islands is around 200 km away from the capital city of Manila and can be accessed through the ports at Paracale and Daet, Camarines Norte.

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