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Type Limited Company
Industry Childcare
Key people
Ben Black, CEO,Oliver Black, CEO and Amanda Coxen, CEO
OwnerBen Black, Oliver Black and Amanda Coxen
Website Tinies.com

Tinies Childcare is a childcare company in the United Kingdom. [1] It was acquired by brothers Ben and Oliver Black in March 2000. [2] In August of that year they were joined by Amanda Coxen. [3] Founded in 1975, by Janet Trethewy Tinies was a nanny agency with 5 branches around the country. Today Tinies is a childcare recruitment company with over 30 childcare & nanny agencies in the UK. [4]

Tinies specialises in the recruitment of nannies and nursery staff, and the provision of fixed and mobile crèches. [5]

In 2007 Tinies secured its first government Sure Start contract. [6] Tinies now manages the holiday playschemes for over 32 government departments.

On behalf of fitness chains and corporate companies Tinies manages a chain of 25+ fixed creches & junior/kids club programmes. Tinies also run the overseas recruitment schemes for the leading UK holiday company Thomson Holidays.

Ben Black went on to found a web-based emergency childcare service, [7] which went on to become the award-winning family friendly employee benefits company My Family Care [8] (who also own Nannyshare.co.uk).

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Bringing Up Baby is a four-part British television documentary series which compares three different childcare methods for babies: the Truby King method, the Benjamin Spock approach, and the Continuum concept. Each method was advocated and administered by a nanny for two families each. The series was controversial when it aired on Channel 4 in 2007, particularly due to the actions recommended by Truby King advocate Claire Verity, and questions over Verity's qualifications.

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