Tipping the Scales

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Tipping the Scales
Studio album by No Innocent Victim
Released May 22, 2001
Recorded Jan 25, 2001-Feb 8, 2001
Genre Hardcore punk, Punk rock, metalcore
Label Victory, Solid State
No Innocent Victim chronology
Flesh and Blood
Tipping the Scales
To Burn Again
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Tipping the Scales is the sixth full-length album by Christian hardcore punk band No Innocent Victim. It was released in 2001 on Victory Records and Solid State Records.

Hardcore punk Subgenre of punk rock

Hardcore punk is a punk rock music genre and subculture that originated in the late 1970s. It is generally faster, harder, and more aggressive than other forms of punk rock. Its roots can be traced to earlier punk scenes in San Francisco and Southern California which arose as a reaction against the still predominant hippie cultural climate of the time. It was also inspired by New York punk rock and early proto-punk. New York punk had a harder-edged sound than its San Francisco counterpart, featuring anti-art expressions of masculine anger, energy, and subversive humor. Hardcore punk generally disavows commercialism, the established music industry and "anything similar to the characteristics of mainstream rock" and often addresses social and political topics with "confrontational, politically-charged lyrics."

No Innocent Victim, or N.I.V., is a Christian hardcore punk band on Facedown Records. The band was created in 1992 in San Diego, California. They released two albums, and then toured with Agnostic Front. In 1998 they signed to Victory Records and recorded the album Flesh and Blood. Many tours followed in the United States, Europe and Japan with bands like Agnostic Front, U.S. Bombs, Terror, Hatebreed, P.O.D., and Madball.

Victory Records record label

Victory Records is a Chicago-based record label founded by Tony Brummel. It is a privately held corporation. It also operates a music publishing company called "Another Victory, Inc." and is the distributor of several smaller independent record labels. It has featured many prominent post-hardcore and metalcore artists, and such bands as Thursday, Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, Taking Back Sunday, Bayside, Streetlight Manifesto, and A Day to Remember.

Track listing

  1. "Degeneration" - 2:05
  2. "Tipping the Scales" - 1:51
  3. "Illusion" - 2:31
  4. "Forward" - 1:51
  5. "Cast Down" - 2:15
  6. "Dead Weight" - 1:27
  7. "Mr. Philosophy" - 2:28
  8. "Calm Before the Storm" - 2:27
  9. "Raping the Mind" - 2:01
  10. "Will to Live" - 1:38
  11. "Reunion" - 1:41

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