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Provinces of Iran National subdivisions of Iran

Iran is subdivided into thirty-one provinces, each governed from a local centre, usually the largest local city, which is called the capital of that province. The provincial authority is headed by a Governor-general, who is appointed by the Minister of the Interior subject to approval of the cabinet.

Gulistan, Golestan or Golastan means "flower land" in Persian language.

Mahabad is a city in northwestern Iran.

Shahabad may refer to:

Kheyrabad or Kheir Abad may refer to:

Administrative divisions of Iran

The first level of country subdivisions of Iran are the provinces . Each province is further subdivided into counties called shahrestan, and each county is subdivided into districts called bakhsh. There are usually a few cities and rural districts called dehestan in each district. Rural districts are a collection of a number of villages. One of the cities of the county is appointed as the capital of the county.

Khalilabad may refer to:

Hoseynabad is a common name for villages in Iran. It may refer to:

Bahramabad or Bahram Abad, also rendered as Baramabad, may refer to:

Khur or Khowr or Khaur or Khvor may refer to the following locations in Iran:

Safiabad may refer to:

Khorramabad is the capital of Lorestan Province, Iran.

Khatunabad is a city in Kerman Province, Iran.

Farahabad or Ferehabad or Farehabad may refer to:

Mohammadiyeh is a city in Alborz Province, Iran.

Saadatabad is the former name of Saadat Shahr, a city in Fars Province, Iran.

Mobarakeh is a city in Isfahan Province, Iran.

Baharestan is the Iranian parliament building.

Tiran, Iran is a city in Isfahan Province, Iran