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Five Stone Gates, Tisgaon
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Location of Tisgaon in India
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Tisgaon (India)
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Tisgaon (Asia)
Coordinates: 19°19′N75°06′E / 19.317°N 75.100°E / 19.317; 75.100 Coordinates: 19°19′N75°06′E / 19.317°N 75.100°E / 19.317; 75.100
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Maharashtra
District Ahmednagar
  BodyTisgaon Municipal Council
560 m (1,840 ft)
Demonym Tisgaonkar
  Official Marathi
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registration MH-16

Tisgaon is a city in Ahmednagar district, Nashik Division, Maharashtra state, India. The city is known for its 30 historical gates, which are a major tourist attraction. Places of religious importance in the area include Mohata Devi temple, 24 km distance; Sevalal Maharaj temple; and Chaitanya Kanifnath temple in Madhi, 4 km distance

Tisgaon has an average elevation of 533 meters (1748 feet). The local language is Marathi.

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