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Type of site
Blog Host
Available inKorean
Owner Kakao
Created byTatter and Company, [1]
Daum Communications
URL www.tistory.com
LaunchedMay, 2006
Current statusActive

Tistory is a South Korean blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs.

It was first started by 'Tatter and Company', a blogging platform developing company that developed the software 'Tattertools', with Daum Communications, the major web portal in South Korea in 2006. [1] [2] In July 2007, all rights to manage the services were taken over into Daum.

In 2022, Tistory was ranked as the most visited website in South Korea that is not a search engine. [3]

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Internet censorship in South Korea is prevalent, and contains some unique elements such as the blocking of pro-North Korea websites, and to a lesser extent, Japanese websites, which led to it being categorized as "pervasive" in the conflict/security area by OpenNet Initiative. South Korea is also one of the few developed countries where pornography is largely illegal, with the exception of social media websites which are a common source of legal pornography in the country. Any and all material deemed "harmful" or subversive by the state is censored. The country also has a "cyber defamation law", which allow the police to crack down on comments deemed "hateful" without any reports from victims, with citizens being sentenced for such offenses.

Kakao is a South Korean internet company that was established in 2010. It formed as a result of a merger between Daum Communications and the original Kakao Inc. In 2014, the company was renamed Daum Kakao. In 2015 it was rebranded once more, reverting simply to Kakao.

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