Titihuapa River

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Titihuapa River

The Titihuapa is a river of El Salvador. A tributary of the Zapotal, it flows for 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) through the municipalities of San Isidro, Cabañas, Sensuntepeque, San Sebastián, San Esteban Catarina and Santa Clara, spanning the Cabañas and San Vicente departments. In 2004 excavations along the bank discovered petroglyphs. [1]

El Salvador country in Central America

El Salvador, officially the Republic of El Salvador, is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America. It is bordered on the northeast by Honduras, on the northwest by Guatemala, and on the south by the Pacific Ocean. El Salvador's capital and largest city is San Salvador. As of 2016, the country had a population of approximately 6.34 million.

San Isidro, Cabañas Municipality in Cabañas Department, El Salvador

San Isidro is a municipality in the Cabañas department of El Salvador, roughly 70 kilometres (43 mi) northeast of San Salvador.

Sensuntepeque Municipality in Cabañas Department, El Salvador

Sensuntepeque is a town and municipality in the Cabañas department of El Salvador. It is the seat of the department and principal town in the area. Sensuntepeque is located about 83 kilometres (52 mi) northeast of the capital, San Salvador, at an altitude of 820 metres (2,690 ft).

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Cabañas Department Department in El Salvador

Cabañas is a department of El Salvador in the north central part of the country. Its capital is Sensuntepeque and it is one of coolest parts of El Salvador. Classified as a department in February 1873, it covers an area of 1,103.5 km2 (426.1 sq mi) and has over 164,900 inhabitants. The other major city of the department is Ilobasco. Agricultural produce includes coffee, sugar cane and sesame seeds, as well as dairy products. Gold, silver and copper are the principal minerals mined in the department. Its main industrial activity is oriented to manufacture of potteries, cheese, lime and also distilleries.

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Cabañas, La Paz Municipality in La Paz, Honduras

Cabañas is a municipality in the Honduran department of La Paz.

San Lorenzo, Valle Municipality in Valle, Honduras

San Lorenzo is a municipality in the Honduran department of Valle.

Ilobasco Municipality in Cabañas Department, El Salvador

Ilobasco is a municipality in the Cabañas department of El Salvador. It is located 30 miles northeast of the capital, San Salvador.

La Cabaña

Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña, colloquially known as La Cabaña, is an 18th-century fortress complex, the third-largest in the Americas, located on the elevated eastern side of the harbor entrance in Havana, Cuba. The fort rises above the 200-foot hilltop, along with Morro Castle.

Cabana de Bergantiños municipality

Cabana de Bergantiños or Cabana is a municipality in the Province of A Coruña, in the autonomous community of Galicia in northwestern Spain. It used to be known as Cesullas.

Lucanas Province Province in Ayacucho, Peru

Lucanas is the largest province in the Ayacucho Region in Peru. Its seat is Puquio.

Ourol municipality in Lugo, Galicia, Spain

Ourol is a municipality in the Spanish province of Lugo. It belongs to the comarca of A Mariña Occidental.

Osorno la Mayor is a municipio in Palencia province, Castile and León, Spain. The Chilean city of Osorno (Chile) is named after this place.

Cabañas del Castillo municipality in Extremadura, Spain

Cabañas del Castillo is a municipality located in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain. According to the 2006 census (INE), the municipality has a population of 477 inhabitants.

Sargentes de la Lora Municipality and town in Castile and León, Spain

Sargentes de la Lora is a municipality located in the province of Burgos, Castile and León, Spain. According to the 2004 census (INE), the municipality has a population of 196 inhabitants.

Janjaillo District is one of thirty-four districts of the province Jauja in Peru.

San Félix is one of 44 parishes in Tineo, a municipality within the province and autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain.

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Sanford International

The Sanford International is a PGA Tour Champions event in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, at Minnehaha Country Club, making its debut in September 2018.


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