Tjock och lycklig

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Tjock och lycklig
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Studio album by
Released19 November 2001 (2001-11-19)
Genre hip hop
Lengthcirca 54 minutes
Label Bonnier
Markoolio chronology
Dikter från ett hjärta
Tjock och lycklig
I skuggan av mig själv

Tjock och lycklig (Swedish for "Fat and Happy") is the third studio album by Swedish-Finnish artist Markoolio, which was released on 19 November 2001. [1]


Track listing

  1. Arga leken (with Kristian Luuk) - 1:02
  2. Rocka på! Markoolio vs. The Boppers (English: "Rock On!") - 3.02
  3. Humpa Dumpa dryck (English: "Hump, Dump, Drink") - 3:14
  4. Lumparpolare? (with Mikael Persbrandt) - 1:34
  5. Jag orkar inte mer (English: "I Can't Take It Anymore") - 3.48
  6. Vi ska vinna! (with Excellence) (English: "We Will Win!") - 3:04
  7. Båtlåten (English: "Boat Song") - 3:14
  8. Markooliodansen (English: "The Markoolio Dance") - 3:07
  9. Sjung Halleluja! (English: "Sing Halleluja!") - 3:58
  10. Pojkband (with Martin Dahlin & Magnus Hedman) (English: "Boyband") - 2:31
  11. Hoppa upp & ner! (English:"Jump Up & Down!") - 3:26
  12. Vem vill bli inte miljonär? (English: "Who Doesn't Want To Be A Millionaire?") - 3:36
  13. Big bang! (with Robert Aschberg) - 0:48
  14. Varför finns jag? (English: "Why Do I Exist?") - 3.00
  15. Aldrig mer (English: "Never Again") - 4:04
  16. Låt mig få sova! (English: "Let Me Sleep!") - 3.48
  17. Utelistan (with Fredrik Virtanen) - 1:41
  18. bonus track – Nödrimstarzan


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