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Origin South Oxfordshire, England
Genres Progressive metal
Years active2004–2014 (currently on hiatus)
Labels Candlelight Records
Illusionary Records
MembersJulie Kiss
Thomas MacLean
Mark Harrington
Richard Henshall
Paul Westwood
Past membersAkos Pirisi
Hugo Sheppard
Lee Barrett
Website To-Mera website

To-Mera are an English progressive metal band from South Oxfordshire. They were formed in 2004 and play a technical style of metal characterized by long songs, multiple time changes and jazz interludes. [1]



Formation of the band

The word 'To-Mera' has been loosely translated to mean "The Land of the Pyramid", as cited in The Secret History of Ancient Egypt by Herbie Brennan. However, the true meaning of the word is disputed. To-Mera cite their other influences as Opeth, Evergrey, Symphony X, Dream Theater and Pain of Salvation.

The idea for starting a new band came to Julie Kiss immediately after her departure from Without Face. However, it took nearly two years for the final line-up to take shape. [2] Following her departure from the Hungarian progressive metal band Without Face, vocalist Julie Kiss decided to form the band To-Mera with bass player Lee Barrett. At the start of 2004 they began searching for full-time members and Akos Pirisi was brought in on drums, followed by guitarist Tom MacLean and a full-time keyboard player, Hugo Sheppard.

Split with Candlelight

To-Mera began writing new material towards the end of 2008. By the years end, the band confirmed that they had two songs almost complete, with a significant portion of time being dedicated to the songwriting process in 2009. [3] In mid-2009, the band announced they had parted ways with Candlelight Records. [4]


Current members
Former members


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