To Age or Not to Age

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To Age or Not to Age
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Robert Kane Pappas
Written by Robert Kane Pappas
Produced byMiriam Foley
Joseph Zock
Cinematography Robert Kane Pappas
Edited by Robert Kane Pappas
Music bySpider Barbour
Paul Groueff
Mira Spektor
Sag Harbor Basement Pictures
Distributed bySag Harbor Basement Pictures
Release date
  • July 16, 2010 (2010-07-16)
CountryUnited States

To Age or Not to Age is a documentary film directed by Robert Kane Pappas with Steven N. Austad, Ph.D., Rev. Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco, O.P., Ph.D., Nir Barzilai, M.D., Troy Duster, Aubrey de Grey, Leonard P. Guarente, Cynthia Kenyon, Tom Kirkwood, Gordon Lithgow, Ph.D., David Sinclair and Christoph Westphal. The screenwriter was Robert Kane Pappas. The film was produced by Miriam Foley and Joseph Zock. The film opened at the Village East Cinema in New York City on July 16, 2010. [1]


Plot summary

It is a documentary that features interviews with the pioneers in the field of anti-aging research at Harvard, MIT, Cambridge and other research centers. [1]


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Leonard Pershing Guarente is an American biologist best known for his research on life span extension in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, roundworms, and mice. He is a Novartis Professor of Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was a biotechnology company based in Cambridge, MA that developed therapies for type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. Conceived in 2004 by Harvard University biologist David Sinclair and serial entrepreneur Andrew Perlman, and founded that year by Sinclair and Perlman, along with Christoph Westphal, Richard Aldrich, Richard Pops, and Paul Schimmel, the company was focused on developing Sinclair's research into activators of sirtuins, work that began in the laboratory of Leonard P. Guarente where Sinclair worked as a post-doc before starting his own lab.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Nicanor Austriaco</span> American microbiologist and priest (born 1968)

Nicanor Robles Austriaco, Jr. OP is a Filipino-American molecular biologist and Catholic priest. He is a professor of biology and professor of theology at Providence College, in Providence, Rhode Island, and a research fellow at the Center for Theology, Religious Studies, and Ethics, at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines.

Jan Vijg is the Lola and Saul Kramer Chairperson in Molecular Genetics at the Department of Genetics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City, United States. Prior to this appointment, he was a professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

The disposable soma theory of aging states that organisms age due to an evolutionary trade-off between growth, reproduction, and DNA repair maintenance. Formulated by Thomas Kirkwood, the disposable soma theory explains that an organism only has a limited amount of resources that it can allocate to its various cellular processes. Therefore, a greater investment in growth and reproduction would result in reduced investment in DNA repair maintenance, leading to increased cellular damage, shortened telomeres, accumulation of mutations, compromised stem cells, and ultimately, senescence. Although many models, both animal and human, have appeared to support this theory, parts of it are still controversial. Specifically, while the evolutionary trade-off between growth and aging has been well established, the relationship between reproduction and aging is still without scientific consensus, and the cellular mechanisms largely undiscovered.

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