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Origin Everett, Washington, United States
Genres Christian metal, [1] metalcore, [1] deathcore, [2] [3] heavy metal [4]
Years active2009-present
LabelsItchy Metal, Luxor
MembersJustin Wanless, Michael Roberts, Taylor Cort, Dane Stafford
Past membersMira King, Ian Vanzant
Website Toarn on Facebook

Toarn is a Metalcore band formed in Everett, Washington in 2009.



Toarn formed in November 2009. [5] In February 2012, the band released Protoevangelium. [5] The group worked with musical producer and YouTuber Jared Dines on the Protoevangelium album. The band released Brood of Vipers through Itchy Metal Records in 2013. [5] In June 2016, the band signed to Luxor Records and released Giant Killer in July 2016. [6] [7] [8] [9] The band consists of Vocalist Michael Roberts, Guitarist Justin Wanless, Bassist Taylor Cort and Drummer Dane Stafford. In 2017, the band released a new single, "Blackened Eyes", off their upcoming album, The Dying Flame. [3]


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