Tobias Giehl

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Tobias Giehl
Personal information
Born (1991-07-25) 25 July 1991 (age 32)
Sport Athletics
Event(s) 400 metres hurdles
ClubLG Stadtwerke München [1]
Coached byPeter Rabenseifner
Korbinian Mayr

Tobias Giehl (born 25 July 1991 in Munich) is a German athlete specialising in the 400 metres hurdles. [2] He won the gold medal at the 2009 European Junior Championships.

His personal best in the event is 49.48 seconds set in Mönchengladbach in 2016.

International competitions

Representing Flag of Germany.svg  Germany
2009 European Junior Championships Novi Sad, Serbia 1st400 m hurdles50.85
2010 World Junior Championships Moncton, Canada 10th (sf)400 m hurdles 51.77
6th4 × 400 m relay 3:09.08
2011 European U23 Championships Ostrava, Czech Republic 8th (sf)400 m hurdles 50.56
2012 European Championships Helsinki, Finland 9th (sf)400 m hurdles 49.95
2016 European Championships Amsterdam, Netherlands 10th (sf)400 m hurdles 49.50

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