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Tobias Meinhart in New York City

Tobias Meinhart (born 1983 in Regensburg) is a German modern jazz soprano and tenor saxophonist and composer.

Meinhart, who grew up in Wörth an der Donau, came to his music through his grandfather, a contrabassist. He started playing the drums at the age of seven and switched to the saxophone at the age of 13. [1] At the age of 17 he accompanied the Bob Brookmeyer Orchestra as a roadie on a tour to Portugal. [2] He first studied at the Music College in Basel with Domenic Landolf, and went on to pursue his diploma studies at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam and the Berne College of Art. [3]

Since 2008, Meinhart has been conducting his own quartet, with which he released a first album. Further albums followed, including a live recording of a concert, which he gave in 2012 with the quintet-expanded band at the Getxo Jazz Festival in Bilbao, Spain. [4] Since August 2010, Meinhart has been living in New York City, where he completed a master's degree in Jazz Performance at Queens College in 2012. [3] He played with Aaron Goldberg and went on a concert tour with trumpeter Ingrid Jensen , releasing Natural Perception, his fourth album, with her, Phil Donkin and Jesse Simpson in 2015. [5] In autumn 2015, the band went on tour in Europe.

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