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Tod Davies (born 1955) is a writer, publisher and producer.



Davies was born and grew up in San Francisco, [1] where she attended Convent of the Sacred Heart High School (California).[ citation needed ] She graduated from the University of California. [1]

Davies's screenplay credits include Three Businessmen , in which she also appears briefly as an actress; and as a co-writer for the screenplay of the adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas . Although Davies' husband Alex Cox did not direct the project, the Writers Guild of America twice determined that their script be credited.[ citation needed ]

She is the producer of Three Businessmen and Revengers Tragedy , the founder of Toxteth TV, an educational/media studio for young people, based in Liverpool, and the editor/publisher of the online magazine, Exterminating Angel Press. In 2005, she was Artist in Residence at St John's College, Oxford, and is a member of the Senior Common Room there. In 2009, Exterminating Angel Press became an independent press and published three books including The Supergirls by Mike Madrid, and Jam Today, a cooking memoir & the first book by Davies. [2]

Davies published her first book of fiction, Snotty Saves the Day: The History of Arcadia in 2011. [1] The second book of her History of Arcadia series, Lily the Silent, was released in 2012, [3] both through Exterminating Angel Press. Publishers Weekly described Lily the Silent as an "absorbing salute to the necessity and power of storytelling". [4]

In 2014 she published her second book on cookery, Jam Today Too: The Revolution Will Not Be Catered, with 70 recipes and personal stories. [5]

Davies is the wife of film director Alex Cox. [1] She lives in Colestin, Oregon and Boulder, Colorado. [5]

Exterminating Angel Press

Davies founded the independent book publisher, Exterminating Angel Press (EAP), which grew from an online art project started in 2005. [2] EAP set out "to challenge the received cultural narrative". [2] They also include stories that bring out values of partnership, nurturing and finding a consensus rather than having one dominant point of view. [2] [6] By the Fall of 2013 EAP had published 13 books. Davies launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to raise $7,500 to continue her publishing venture. [7]

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