Today We Are All Demons

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Today We Are All Demons
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 20, 2009
Genre Aggrotech
Label Out of Line/Metropolis Records
Combichrist chronology
What the Fuck is Wrong With You People?
Today We Are All Demons
Noise Collection Vol. 1
Singles from Today We Are All Demons
  1. "Sent to Destroy"
    Released: July 8, 2008 [1]
  2. "All Pain is Gone / Can't Change the Beat"
    Released: May 1, 2009 [2]
  3. "Scarred"
    Released: May 11, 2010 [3]
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Review scores
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Today We Are All Demons is an album by the American aggrotech band Combichrist. The album is available in both one disc and two disc versions. A remixed version (Beneath the World Mix) of the title track can be found on the Underworld film soundtrack.


Track listing

All songs written by Andy LaPlegua.

1."No Afterparty"0:45
2."All Pain is Gone"4:57
3."Kickstart the Fight" (featuring Gen from the Genitorturers)5:02
4."I Want Your Blood"5:13
5."Can't Change the Beat"4:26
6."Sent to Destroy"4:37
8."New Form of Silence"3:52
10."The Kill V2"5:19
11."Get Out of My Head"4:26
12."Today We Are All Demons"5:02
13."At the End of it All"4:35
14."Hidden Track" (as a part of track 13)5:55
-If the hidden track is played in mono, it will reveal a female computerized voice mocking the listener for still using mono instead of stereo

Track listing Dark Side CD

3."Carnival of Terror"4:58
4."Till Death Do Us Party"4:24
5."Machine Love"7:21
6."427 FE"8:41
8."Gore Baby, Gore"16:39


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