Throat Full of Glass

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Throat Full of Glass
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EP by Combichrist
Released 2011
Genre Aggrotech, electroclash, electropop
Label Out of Line
Combichrist chronology
Making Monsters
Throat Full of Glass
No Redemption

Throat Full of Glass is an EP by aggrotech band Combichrist. It is the second track to be released from the 2010 album Making Monsters .

Combichrist American aggrotech band

Combichrist is an American aggrotech/industrial metal band formed in 2003 by Norwegian vocalist Andy LaPlegua, who also founded the bands Icon of Coil, Panzer AG, Scandinavian Cock and Scandy. Combichrist is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The band consists of only LaPlegua in the studio, with a changing lineup of live performing members. Releases by the band have been very successful in terms of sales and charted in top positions for dance and alternative charts worldwide.

<i>Making Monsters</i> (album) 2010 studio album by Combichrist

Making Monsters is the fifth studio album by the American aggrotech band Combichrist. The album was released on CD, CD/DVD, double album and digital download.


Track listing

1."Throat Full of Glass" (Single Edit)4:43
2."Throat Full of Glass" (S.A.M. Tough Guy Mix)3:51
3."Throat Full of Glass" (Computer Club Vocal Mix)4:30
4."Throat Full of Glass" (Computer Club Dub Mix)4:30
5."Throat Full of Glass" (Northborne Remix)5:34
6."Industrial Strength" (Instro Mental Mix)4:54
7."Throat Full of Glass" (Music Video)5:06

Music video

On 14 February with the release of the "Throat Full of Glass" single, the video was also released. The American copy of the single has the "Clean" version of the video. The European copy contains the 'Dirty' version depicting mild nudity and graphic violence. [1]

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Ole Anders Olsen, known professionally as Andy LaPlegua, born 15 September 1975 in Fredrikstad, Norway, is a musician and singer originally known for being founder and lead vocalist of the futurepop band Icon of Coil. LaPlegua also gained fame in the aggrotech and electro-industrial scenes as founder and lead vocalist of Combichrist and Panzer AG.

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