Todd Waring

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Todd Waring
Born (1955-04-28) April 28, 1955 (age 68)
Years active1981–present

Todd Waring (born April 28, 1955) is an American actor, best known for replacing Tom Hanks in the roles in both the television series version of Nothing in Common , [1] [2] as well as Splash, Too .


Early life

Waring was born in Ballston Spa, New York.


Waring has played minor roles in various films and television series, including The Stiller and Meara Show , [3] Wings and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine . On NYPD Blue , he portrayed Malcolm Cullinan in a story arc as a rich man who committed murder.

In 2007, he appeared in the short films Wilted , Dr. In Law , Spaghetti , Catch , Oh, Boy. , and Keep Off Grass , which were made during the film-making reality series On the Lot . Todd portrayed Todd Scheller, who is John Abbott's ex-cell mate on The Young and the Restless on November 27, 2007.[ citation needed ]



1990Love & MurderHal Caine
2007 Take Loud Talker


1981Coward of the CountyLuke GatlinTelevision film
1985 The Lucie Arnaz Show Larry Love6 episodes
1986 The Stiller and Meara Show Daniel BenderTelevision film
1987 Nothing in Common David Basner7 episodes
1987, 1988 The Magical World of Disney Allen Bauer / Montgomery Daniels2 episodes
1988 Splash, Too Allen BauerTelevision film
1988 Duet Peter SommerfieldEpisode: "His Mother, Myself"
1992 Sinatra Robert F. Kennedy 2 episodes
1992 Silk Stalkings Nick GeigerEpisode: "Love-15"
1993 Civil Wars Warren PerryEpisode: "Alien Aided Affection"
1994 Ellen WilliamEpisode: "A Kiss Is Still a Kiss"
1994, 1998 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Lasaran / DeCurtis2 episodes
1995 Tom Clancy's Op Center Lowell CoffeyTelevision film
1995 The George Wendt Show TeddyEpisode: "Prom Night: The Return"
1995 First Time Out Arthur KurlanderEpisode: "Every Pot Has Its Cover"
1995 Maybe This Time RichardEpisode: "The Catch"
1996 Melrose Place Don PierceEpisode: "Run, Billy, Run"
1996 ABC Afterschool Special Jerry GallagherEpisode: "Educating Mom"
1996 Murphy Brown George KingEpisode: "Executive Decision"
1996 Champs PhilEpisode: "It's Must Have Been Gridlock"
1997 Wings MatthewEpisode: "House of Blues"
1997 Working John DelaneyEpisode: "Pilot"
1997 The Secret World of Alex Mack Dr. FelkerEpisode: "The Doctor"
1998 Alright Already MitchEpisode: "Again with the Answering Machine"
1998 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show Mr. McGannEpisode: "Honey, We're Young at Heart"
1998 Caroline in the City SteveEpisode: "Caroline and the Big Night"
1999 NYPD Blue Malcolm Cullinan4 episodes
1999 Sliders Mark EinmanEpisode: "A Thousand Deaths"
2001 18 Wheels of Justice Brock TrentonEpisode: "Countdown"
2001 JAG Capt. Perry ReevesEpisode: "Mixed Messages"
2001 The West Wing Rep. Rathburn, REpisode: "Bartlet for America"
2002, 2004 The Guardian ADA Finneran2 episodes
2003 Miracles Phil BradleyEpisode: "The Friendly Skies"
2004 Cold Case Sean MurphyEpisode: "Glued"
2004 Judging Amy Ben HadlockEpisode: "Werewolves of Hartford"
2004 Monk Maintenance WorkerEpisode: "Mr. Monk Gets Fired"
2004 Boston Legal Daniel RalstonEpisode: "Catch and Release"
2005Jane Doe: The Wrong FaceAlex BrandtTelevision film
2005–2006 Close to Home Geoffrey Hart3 episodes
2007 Heartland Dr. NewellEpisode: "The Places You'll Go"
2007 Final Approach Greg AdlerTelevision film
2007 Cane Senator Barnes2 episodes
2007–2015 The Young and the Restless Dr. Barrett / Todd Scheller Jr.4 episodes
2008 Desperate Housewives Dr. MartinEpisode: "A Vision's Just a Vision"
2009 Grey's Anatomy TobinEpisode: "Elevator Love Letter"
2009 Castle Dave EllersEpisode: "Little Girl Lost"
2009 Nip/Tuck Garth McCloudEpisode: "Enigma"
2009–2011 In Gayle We Trust Mr. Anderson10 episodes
2010Proposition 8 Trial Re-EnactmentRonald FlynnTelevision film
2010 The Good Guys Steve MaxsonEpisode: "The Dim Knight"
2012 Scandal Peter NystromEpisode: "Beltway Unbuckled"
2014–2015 Chasing Life Bruce Hendrie9 episodes
2018 The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story Lincoln AstonEpisode: "Ascent"
2020–2022 Servant Frank Pearce6 episodes
2021 NCIS Albert James 'Jamie' BeckEpisode: "Collective Memory"
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Nothing in Common is an American sitcom television series which aired on NBC from April 2 to June 3, 1987. Based on the 1986 film of the same name directed by Garry Marshall and starring Tom Hanks and Jackie Gleason, the series starred Todd Waring as David Basner and Bill Macy as David's father Max Basner. Seven episodes were broadcast immediately after the highly-rated series Cheers, but failed to retain the strong audience of that series and was cancelled after only seven episodes had aired.

Kenneth Todd Freeman is an American actor. He has been nominated for two Tony Awards over the course of his career and has won one Drama Desk Award. He has played supporting roles in films such as Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) and The Cider House Rules (1999), played a prominent recurring role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1998–1999), and was a series regular on A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017–2019).


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