Toivos kosmos

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Toivos kosmos
Genre children, science fiction
Country of origin Sweden
Language(s) Swedish
Home station SR P3, SR P4
Written by Niclas Pajala
Narrated by Frida Sjöberg, Maria Lundqvist, David Viklund, Markoolio, Sven Wollter
Original release1 December 2006 (2006-12-01) – 24 December 2006 (2006-12-24)
No. of episodes24

Toivos kosmos ("Toivo's Cosmos") was the 2006 edition of Sveriges Radio's Christmas Calendar. [1]


Jupiter's moon Himalia, where Santa Claus and Lucy have settled in the story. Himalia-moon.jpg
Jupiter's moon Himalia, where Santa Claus and Lucy have settled in the story.

Santa Claus and Lucy have left Earth, moving to Jupiter's moon Himalia, having gotten tired of life on Earth where everything is focused on money and having many things. However, Santa Claus learns that queen Hesperia has come to power on Pello. Toivo, a troll from planet Pello, has escaped from Himalia and is now on Earth where she is assisted by the children Kim and Lovikka to stop Hesperia. [2]

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A Christmas calendar, is a form of Nordic episodic radio or television advent calendar focused on Christmas. It was first introduced in 1957, in Sweden, with the radio series, Barnens adventskalender.

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Sveriges Radio's Christmas Calendar is an annual series of pre-Christmas children's programmes produced and broadcast by Sveriges Radio in the form of a radio advent calendar. The first series – entitled Barnens adventskalender – was broadcast in 1957.

Skäggstölden på Kråkebohöjden was the 1985 edition of Sveriges Radio's Christmas Calendar.

I trollskogen was the 1959 edition of Sveriges Radio's Christmas Calendar. For first time, the story was a work of drama/fiction.

Lill-Stina på reportage i Storskogen was the Sveriges Television's Christmas calendar and Sveriges Radio's Christmas Calendar in 1964. The radio version was called En gård nära Tomteskogen i Vilhelmina.

Tomtefamiljen i Storskogen was the Sveriges Television's Christmas calendar and Sveriges Radio's Christmas Calendar in 1962.

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Jüri Lina</span> Estonian journalist and writer

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Pål Jonson</span> Swedish politician

Pål Henning Jonson is a Swedish politician of the Moderate Party. He has served as Minister for Defence in the cabinet of Ulf Kristersson since 2022.

Charlotta "Lotta" Kristina Johansdotter Edholm is a Swedish politician for the Liberals. Since 18 October 2022 she has been the Minister for Schools in the Ulf Kristersson cabinet.


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