Tokyo Connection

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Tokyo Connection
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Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 09, 2011
Genre J-pop, hip-pop, ska
Label Sony Music Entertainment Japan
Halcali chronology
Tokyo Groove
Tokyo Connection
Halcali no Okawari

Tokyo Connection is the first concept album and first mini-album by the female Japanese hip-hop unit Halcali. This album is described as a "sequel" to Tokyo Groove of the previous year, hence the title. [1]


The concept for the album is Valentine's Day, White Day and falling in love. Halcali, again, features many artists and producers throughout the album, such as: electrocore unit 80kidz, Shibuya-kei veteran Maki Nomiya (ex-Pizzicato Five) and Japanese Ska group Your Song Is Good as the backing band. [2]

The album's lead radio single "Giri Choco" had been performed live since 2007 at the duo's annual "Special Valentine Concert". [3] This song also marks Halca and Yucali's first known production credit.

Track listing

  1.  Roman Hikou ("浪漫飛行", A Romantic Flight)
  2.  "Girl!Girl!Girl!"
    • (Produced by Takeshi Nakatsuka. Lyrics by Maki Nomiya.)
  3.  Giri Choco ("ギリチョコ")
    • (Written and produced by Halcali & Yosuke@Home. Featuring vocals by Yosuke@Home.)
  4.  "Superstitions"
  5.  "Hey My Melody"
    • (Produced by Hiroshi Nakamura (i-dep).)
  6.  Strawberry Chips (Sweet Blue Beat ver.) ("ストロベリーチップス (Sweet Blue Beat ver.)")
    • (Self-cover of the 2003 single, featuring Your Song Is Good.)
  7.  Marching March (80kidz Remix) ("マーチングマーチ (80kidz Remix)")
    • (Remixed & Produced by 80kidz)


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