Tokyo Tales

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Tokyo Tales
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Live album by
Released22 March 1993
Recorded4 December 1992 at Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan
6 December 1992 at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Genre Speed metal, power metal
Label Virgin Records
Producer Kalle Trapp
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Tokyo Tales
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Tokyo Tales is the first live album by German power metal band Blind Guardian. It was remastered and re-released on 15 June 2007, with the same Japanese bonus track.


Track listing

  1. "Inquisition" – 0:47
  2. "Banish from Sanctuary" – 6:03
  3. "Journey Through the Dark" – 5:12
  4. "Traveler in Time" – 6:32
  5. "The Quest for Tanelorn" – 6:03
  6. "Goodbye My Friend" – 6:28
  7. "Time What is Time" – 6:42
  8. "Majesty" – 7:48
  9. "Valhalla" – 6:08
  10. "Welcome to Dying" – 5:56
  11. "Lord of the Rings" (Japanese/2007 re-release bonus track) – 3:52
  12. "Lost in the Twilight Hall" – 7:26
  13. "Barbara Ann" – 2:56


Blind Guardian

Guest musicians


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