Told Slant

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Told Slant
Genres Emo, indie folk, sadcore, lo-fi
Labels Double Double Whammy
MembersFelix Walworth, Oliver Kalb, Gabrielle Smith, Emily Sprague
Past membersMaddy Strassler, Lulu Duffy-Tumasz, Charley Summers, Beck Hoffman

Told Slant is a low-fi indie band from Brooklyn, New York. It is led by Felix Walworth, who identifies as non-binary, [1] and uses they/them pronouns. [2] Walworth is also involved in other projects, including Gabby's World, Florist, and Bellows. [3] [4] David Anthony, writing for The A.V. Club , praised Walworth for their ability to produce "simple, heartbreaking songs". [5]



Told Slant was formed at Bard College where Walworth met Kalb and started playing music together. [4] They released Still Water in 2012, and their sophomore album Going By in 2016. Walworth writes and records all of the parts to the songs, bringing in other members for live performances. [4]

Told Slant was scheduled to play at the 2017 South by Southwest festival but canceled over fears that the festival would aid in deporting foreign artists. [6]

On 15 September 2020 Walworth announced their next album, titled Point the Flashlight and Walk, would be released on 13 November by Double Double Whammy. [7]



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