Tolga Uprak

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Tolga Uprak
Nationality Flag of Turkey.svg Turkish
Born (1980-10-17) 17 October 1980 (age 42)
Current teamCMS –EYP Bike Racing
Bike number35

Tolga Uprak (17 October 1980) is a Turkish professional motorcycle racer. He competes in the Turkish Superbike Championship. [1]


Uprak raced in 2002 in the Turkish Championship winning the round at the İzmit Körfez Circuit. [2] He won the race at Izmir-Pınarbaşı in 2004. [3] He raced in 2006 in the Turkish Championship's Supersport Category A. [4] [5]

In 2010, he was conscripted in to the army, and had so to stay away from racing. [6]

In 2012, he won the six-round Turkish championship for the 1000cc Category A and the TMF Grand Prix. [7] Riding for CMS –EYP Bike Racing Team on Ducati 852, he leads the 2013 Turkish Championship Supersport A [8] with 85 points after the fourth leg. [9] [10]

Gaining a wildcard, Uprak raced at the 2013 Superbike World Championship's İstanbul Park round for the team CMS –EYP Bike Racing on Kawasaki ZX-10R. After starting at grid 13, [11] [12] he placed 13th in the Race 1 [13] and 14th in the Race 2. [14] [15] [16] He took 5 points in total. [10]

Career statistics

2002Turkish Championship İzmit Körfez 1st
2004Turkish Championship İzmir Pınarbaşı 1st
2007Turkish Championship Supersport [17] İzmit Körfez Yamaha 16Castrol Team3rd
2008East European Championship [18] [19] Serbia Aroma Racing Team3rd
2011 Pleven, Bulgaria Turkish Cup [20] Yamaha 20 MotorDelisi Racing2nd
2013Turkish Championship Supersport Ducati panigale 1199r CMS –EYP Bike Racing Team1st*

Superbike World Championship


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