Tolv i topp

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Tolv i topp
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Studio album by
Released16 June 1997
Genre Dansband music
Length50 minutes
Label Nordiska musikgruppen
Lotta Engbergs chronology
Äntligen på väg
Tolv i topp
Åh vad jag älskade dig just då

Tolv i topp is a 1997 cover album from Swedish dansband Lotta Engbergs, mostly featuring covers from 1960s and 1970s hits/schlagers. The album was recorded after Lotta Engberg in 1996 hosted the TV show "Fem i topp" in TV4, and sung the songs. The album was released in the name of the dansband Lotta Engbergs. The album peaked at # 23 at the Swedish album chart.


Track listing

1."Leva livet (It's My Party)" Herbert Wiener, John Gluck, Wally Gold, Stikkan Anderson  ?
2."Lyckliga gatan (Il ragazzo della via Gluck)" Adriano Celentano, Mariano Detto, Britt Lindeborg  ?
3."Sånt är livet (You Can Have Her)" Bill Cook, Stig Rossner  ?
4."Fernando" Benny Andersson, Stikkan Anderson, Björn Ulvaeus  ?
5."Vilken härlig dag (La Felicidad)" duet Lotta Engberg-Sten Nilsson Palito Ortega, Per-Anders Boquist  ?
6."Sången han sjöng var min egen (Killing Me Softly With His Song)" Charles Fox, Bo-Erik Rehnberg  ?
7."Gammaldags musik (Good Old Fashioned Music)" Gary Sulsh, Stewart Leathwood, Bruno Glenmark  ?
8."När du tar mig i din famn" Agnetha Fältskog, Fältskog  ?
9."Jag önskar att det alltid vore sommar (It Might as Well Rain Until September)" Gerry Goffin, Carole King, Bengt Palmers, Bodil Olsson  ?
10"En sång en gång för länge sen (Green, Green Grass of Home)" Curly Putman, Stikkan Anderson  ?
11."Det finns ingenting att hämta (Blame it on the Bossa Nova)" Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Stikkan Anderson  ?
12."Där björkarna susa" Oskar Merikanto, Jussi Snellman  ?

Chart positions

Chart (1997)Peak
Sweden 23 [1]

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Dansband, or danseband in Norwegian and Danish, is a Swedish term for a band that plays dansbandsmusik[ˈdânsˌbandsmɵˌsiːk]pronunciation . Dansbandsmusik is often danced to in pairs. Jitterbug and foxtrot music are often included in this category. The music is primarily inspired by schlager, country, rock'n'roll and some swing. The main influence for rock-oriented bands is the rock music of the 1950s and 1960s.

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"100%" is a Swedish language song, written by Torgny Söderberg and Monica Forsberg. The song was sung by Lotta Engberg of the group Triple & Touch at the Swedish Melodifestivalen 1988, where it finished third with 47 points. The song text describes the days as a roller coaster, but it's also about love.

"En gång till", written by Christer Lundh and Mikael Wendt, is the song that Swedish dansband singer Lotta Engberg performed when it competed in the Swedish Melodifestivalen 1990, where it finished 8th. In 1990, Lotta & Anders Engbergs Orkester released the single En gång till, with the song Bara du as B-side.

Anders Engbergs was a dansband in Skara, Sweden, reestablished in 1994 when Lotta & Anders Engbergs orkester divided into two bands, Anders Engbergs and Lotta Engbergs, three years after the divorce of husband Anders Engberg and wife Lotta Engberg. Anders Engbergs had also been the name of the pre-split band prior to Lotta Engberg joining it in 1989. One of the more famous singers in its lineup up to 1988 was Stefan Borsch.

Succéschottis also known as Världens längsta schottis is a song written by Göran Arnberg and Magnus Fermin. It was originally recorded by For Meget Productions. Lyrically, the song is a joyful tune describing an international dance around the Earth, with references to various geographical locations, from Washington to Blekinge.

Genom vatten och eld is a song written by Torgny Söderberg, and originally recorded by Lotta & Anders Engbergs orkester on the 1989 studio album "Genom vatten och eld", and also appearing on the 2006 Lotta Engberg compilation album "Världens bästa Lotta". Becoming a major hit, it charted at Svensktoppen for eight weeks in 1989, peaking at fifth position.

This is the discography of Swedish pop singer Lotta Engberg.


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