Tom Grindberg

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Tom Grindberg
BornNovember 3, 1961
Notable works
Batman: Bride of The Demon
Silver Surfer (vol. 3).

Tom Grindberg (born November 3, 1961 [1] ) is a comic book illustrator.


His British comic book work includes 2000 A.D. Presents #16-19 and Judge Dredd #10-11 for Fleetway in 1987.

Among his earliest DC Comics work was illustrating "Privilege", a 5-page story in DC New Talent Showcase #12 (December 1984), an anthology series intended to provide work for up-and-coming artists who did not have a regular assignment. His other DC work includes work on Action Comics , Adventures of Superman , Aquaman , Azrael , Detective Comics , Batman , Captain Atom , Firestorm the Nuclear Man , Green Lantern , Hawk and Dove , Checkmate , and Ion .

His Marvel Comics work includes Marvel Comics Presents , Silver Surfer , Daredevil , and work on several Conan the Barbarian books, including Conan, Conan Saga, Conan the Savage, and Savage Sword of Conan .

He penciled and inked the 1996 Doom comic book, and also worked on Solar for Valiant Comics in 1995 with writer Dan Jurgens. [2]




Valiant Comics

Solar #51-54 (1995)

Role-playing games

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